10 Crucial Tips for Your Next Job Interview


Recently, there was an online survey of people from Human Resources Development departments of various companies. In that survey, about 33% of hiring managers claimed that they know in 90 seconds whether they would hire someone.

General Perceptions

The first lesson you would learn after an interview is that you should make a good impression in the first second of the meeting. Likewise, there are small-small things that the interview candidates always overlook before going for an interview. You need to become well aware of these fine nuances before making a lasting impression on the interview board. In this article, we will look at the tips that make your next job interview successful.

10 Tips

1. First impression is the best impression. About 65% of hiring managers say that they pay attention to the dressing and cloths worn by the candidates when they have to decide between two similar candidates.

2. Your conduct before the interview board from the moment you step into the room also matters. The evaluators in the board will watch you closely before making their judgement.

3. Quality of your voice and the confidence it exudes takes you long way at the time of the interview. The members of the board would test this through tricky questions.

4. Your way of presentation is also brought into reckoning while evaluating you. While interacting, you have to make the grammatically correct statements. Otherwise, it will create a negative impression about you.

5. You should carefully choose the words while interacting with the board members at the time of interview. The interview board members would make you accountable for every word you uttered.

6. It is always better to make eye contact with the interview board members to get a favourable response from them.

7. You need to make an open and contextually proper posture. You should always have a smiling face. A hearty smile always disarms a person.

8. Before you go for an interview, you have to become fully aware of the business verticals handled by the company. This would enable you to place yourself better when the members of the interview board ask questions about your suitability to the organization setup.

9. When you introduce yourself to the interview board, make sure that you give healthy handshake that exudes confidence. The weak handshakes show your uncertain or defensive nature.

10. Never cross your arms or legs before the board. This would give the feeling that you are close to the suggestions. Never use too many hand gestures while conversing with the hiring managers.

Source by Balakrishnan Lekshminarayanan

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