10 Signs Your Summer Wardrobe Needs to Update

Summer is all around, which means opening the closet to find great summer styles, but wait. Where are they? To know if summer fashion is in need of an update, keep an eye out for these 10 signs.

  • Many women like to hold on to clothes that they once wear five, even ten years ago. However, rummaging through clothes that remind a woman how she once looked can be depressing. It is time to toss these items in the trash, or at least into storage, and update that closet with clothes that actually fit and flatter, clothes that can be used.
  • If a woman can admit to herself that the last time she went shopping for clothes was a year or more ago, it is time to hit the stores again. Many of the items in a woman’s closet are surprisingly outdated. Newer trends bring newer fashion so definitely get with the now.
  • Women tend to have a closet full of clothing, most of it uncomfortable or unflattering. It is time to toss those items that will never be worn again only to be replaced with styles that any woman would feel comfortable in.
  • Perhaps there are a ton of shoes in the closet, but none that really stand out. Slim down on the shoes and find ones that are more suitable for a variety of outfits. Summer clothing can easily be paired with a great pair of strappy sandals.
  • Jeans with tears or holes and shirts with loose threading, fading or missing beading can also be retired. Stop wearing around that drab look. While it may be comfortable, it is certainly not flattering. Instead, choose comfortable styles such as loose sweat shorts or loose tops, but ones that show off the newness of an updated closet.
  • If a woman spends hours searching through the closet but cannot find anything to wear for a variety of occasions, it is definitely time for an update. Go shopping for different outfits that are suitable for the weekend, a night out, a casual get together, formal event and even the workplace.
  • Women love to accessorize and summer clothing should be accessorized. Do not be afraid to accessorize in a noticeable manner. Women carry around a lot of items in their purse but those tiny purses just do not do the trick. Toss them out and update the closet with a bigger bag that fits more of those womanly necessities.
  • The familiar term “oldie but goodie” does not apply to clothing. Sure there was a time when mom’s bellbottoms came back into fashion but they still lacked modernity. While some of the 80’s and 90’s style looks are back, they are updated with modern appeal so get rid of those clothes from last era and update, update, update.
  • Separate clothes into piles. These piles should consist of “keep,” “maybe” and “no way.” If the keep pile is smaller than the rest, that closet is in desperate need of an update. A woman should own a comfortable range of clothing for various events.
  • Any woman knows what it means to have personal attachment to certain clothing items. If the personal attachment items outweigh the newer trendy styles, go shopping. Stop finding reasons to remain in the same boring styles and find reasons to splurge on affordable new fashions instead.

Source by Selina X Tsang

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