17 Of The Best “Listen To Your Heart” Tweets From Last Night

Welcome bach, Bach Nation! (I’m so sorry for that joke; quarantine is clearly getting to me.) ANYWAY, last night was the penultimate episode of Listen to Your Heart and it was filled with tears, surprisingly impressive ice skating skills, and an unexpected couple going home. Here are some of the best tweets from the episode:


I feel like Natascha came to the house, looked at Ryan and said “You’ll do” and they’ve been cruising ever since #ListenToYourHeart


Everyone on #TheBachelorLTYH: OMG we have to perform in front of a huge crowd in Vegas 😳 😱
Natascha and Ryan:


Me every time Jamie freaks out about singing on the singing show she signed up for because she’s a singer #ListenToYourHeart


rudi: i’m falling for you
matt: you’re very courageous for speaking your truth
everyone watching:


Those *~three magic words~* every woman wants to hear after they confess their feelings… #ListenToYourHeart



this date, taking place on a pile of dirt, was the precise moment the show ran out of funding for romantic dates


Hold up. The producers really made Bree wear a white dress to SOMEONE ELSE’S WEDDING just to make us wonder for .2 seconds if she and Chris were the ones getting married. The devil works hard but the #ListenToYourHeart producers work harder


Lauren Luyendyk is really out here trying to call people out on “low energy”?!? Girl… #ListenToYourHeart


They look like a local politician and his wife who have come to tell the town that they’re bulldozing the little league fields to build an upscale strip mall. #ListenToYourHeart #BachelorNation


Wow Peter really made me forget how Arie was Bachelor enemy number one for a hot minute #ListenToYourHeart


Rudi may not have the guy but she’s got the most talent. I SAID IT #ListenToYourHeart #LTYH


Matt: I want to keep playing music with Rudi forever
Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ListenToYourHeart


Jamie and Trevor = Troy and Gabriella. Natascha and Ryan= Sharpay and Ryan and no one can convince me otherwise #ListenToYourHeart


I love when a mess can directly be traced back to a guy saying, “we should do it this way.” #ListenToYourHeart #TheBachelorLTYH


Raise your hand if you’re mad about having to endure another week of Jamie and Trevor #ListenToYourHeart

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