3 Top Questions to Create Great Content for a Link Building Campaign

The quality of the content you generate strongly depends on the quality of the material you are provided with. However, the provided information may not be complete, because customers’ knowledge of their own clients is usually far from perfect.

A customer survey can be a great source of rich content. But to collect information you need, every customer survey should include these three important questions.

When creating content, it is necessary to get as much information from your clients as you can – the more you can obtain the better the creative ideas you come up with. Asking the clients detailed questions proves you are interested – the better questions you ask, the more trust is built.

SEO pros and link builders are taking on tasks that normally should belong to marketing consultants. Many specialists have discovered that customer analysis is a useful source of publicity and editorial links.

Here are three killer questions that will help you create useful and relevant content.

1. Categorization

The categorization question is a simple question that has big implications for the content you can create afterwards. The question is as follows: “To which of the following areas do you belong?” After that, list the main areas you client serves and ensure additional option for “other” is included, where the client can specify the sector.

The importance of this question doesn’t lie in the answer, but in the ability it offers you to dice up the answer later, and make content that is focused on certain niches.

2. Customer Story

The customer story question with “Tell us a story about… ” our products or services you have used to complete a task, solve a problem, etc.

It is necessary to provide much space for the answer so that people get the message you intent to convey. Customers will like this, especially if they have recent important experiences to talk about. The answer there can be detailed and will provide you with plenty of material for content.

3. Contact Permission

The answers given by people in a survey are confidential and cannot be used in content. But, if you inform people that you are compiling quotes and case studies and ask if they are interested in participating, then you can use the material.

With contact permission question you are doing two important things that are the key to quality content:

1. You are getting their permission to get in touch with further questions which gives you the opportunity to create a rapport and go deeper into their opinions;

2. You are telling people about your intention to create publicity material that will include customer stories that will pique the interest of PR savvy respondents.

Source by Matthew N Stamper

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