3 Ways to Mend a Broken Marriage and Make It Come Alive With Love Again!

“Mend a broken marriage” – what does that even mean? Today if your spouse slaps your wrist in anger you cannot wait to get out of the door. At that point you are upset and hurt – “how dare he /she slap me in the wrist?” you ask.

Well, you cannot really be blamed for thinking that way – if you do (even though I really hope you do not) after all ours is a generation of “instant” everything; instant coffee, instant messaging, instant noodles, instant soup, instant marriage, and unfortunately, instant divorce too.

Can you cast your mind back to a time past? Those days maybe they had something we need to relearn. Our parents “dug in their heels and stuck it out” where their marriages were concerned!

You might say that they were not as enlightened or as “liberated” (I wonder who put you in bondage in the first place) – or that in our parents’ time the women were ignorant of their rights. Whatever the case may have been (in your opinion) let me ask you a sincere question which you need to answer sincerely; what exactly have you gained (martially) being an enlightened person living as a liberated man / woman in this generation?


1. Divorce rate is on the rise. We now have 1 in every 3 marriages ending in divorce

2. Infidelity happens. According to the Kinsey Institute, around 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women commit adultery during their marriages. Nearly 25 to 50 percent of divorces involve adultery.

3. There is more marital chaos now than at any point in the human history

4. Let us not bring Gay Rights, Lesbian Rights, Bestiality Rights, etcetera into the mix.

Do you still wonder why marriages fail? You, on the other hand, want to ensure that your marriage works right? It is a great thing. Here are some things you need to do to make that a reality. Read on…

Number One – What Is the Real Issue?

Before embarking on a marriage fixing exercise, you need to first determine what the real issue is. Why does your marriage need mending in the first place? Find this and your problem is half solved.

Number Two – Get Into a Closed Session with Your Spouse

So you have discovered what the issue is right? Well, you both need to get into a secluded place and trash out the issue as adults. You need to listen more than you speak and when you do speak do so with respect.

Recommit to making your marriage work and tell your spouse that you need him / her to succeed at keeping that commitment you just made.

Number Three – You Are A Team; Do Not Forget That

Always remember that it takes to Tango – to make a marriage work (your marriage) you will need the help and cooperation of your spouse. Work together towards finding whatever solution is required to mend your marriage.

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