34 Blueberry Recipes for Jam, Pancakes, Waffles, Pies, Ice Cream, and More

Blueberry recipes are so quintessential to summer we’re considering petitioning for a seasonal name change: winter, spring, blueberries, fall. It really rolls off the tongue! No shade to those frozen lil’ guys—honestly, our test kitchen actually loves bagged bloobs—but when farmers’ markets are overflowing with the plump, stain-your-fingers kind, now’s the time to go fresh. (Pro tip: You can also buy up big and freeze that local good-good for year round cooking.) Once you’re stocked, there are as many ways to use blueberries as there are reasons to love ‘em: macerated and served with fluffy whipped cream, bedazzling an enormous pancake for one, and whizzed into a psychedelic-looking smoothie. From jammified to baked, these are summer’s finest blueberry recipes.

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