42 of the Scariest Things in Nursing – Can You Relate?

It’s important to realize how the things we do every day can impact patients, not just in a good way, but if not performed correctly can negatively impact our patients.

Here are some things that nurses do every day, that are enough to scare most people to death.

1. Taking the NCLEX exam

2. Calling a code

3. Calling mean doctors, especially in the middle of the night… yikes!

4. Performing CPR

5. Performing CPR on an elderly patient that you know won’t make it but the family demanded a full code.

6. Dealing with mean, scared family members

7. Assisting with intubation

8. Inserting a foley catheter

9. Pushing narcotics

10. dealing with sudden drops in O2 sats.

11. Helping a patient with very high or very low blood sugar

12. Dealing with a patient who is in respiratory distress

13. hearing a patient scream in pain while you’re trying to help them

14. Making a medication error

15. Trying to decide when it’s time to call the physician

16. Treating decubitus ulcers

17. Monitoring a patient following surgery

18. Seeing a trauma patient for the first time with multiple severe injuries

19. Watching a patient die when there is nothing else you can do

20. Learning how to start an IV

21. Giving an injection for the first time

22. Learning that your patient has an airborne disease when you’ve already been caring for them without protection

23. Getting stuck by a needle and waiting for test results to come back

24. Watching surgery for the first time

25. Taking ACLS

26. When your patient falls during your shift

27. Dealing with anaphylactic reactions

28. Reading an EKG for the first time

29. Suctioning a tracheostomy

30. Hanging IV medications

31. Resuscitating and admitting a neonate

32. Caring for patients with opiate withdrawal

33. Watching a Doctor bore a hole in a patient’s skull for ICP catheter to monitor intracranial pressure

34. A patient in status epilepticus and being unable to stop it

35. Precipitous deliveries with no MD in the house

36. Delivering a baby because the physician couldn’t make it on time

37. The first time you deal with a GI bleed

38. Taking your first body to the morgue

39. Seeing your first stillborn

40. Seeing another nurse not washing her hands between patients

41. Assisting with a chest tube

42. The first time you perform peritoneal dialysis

Source by Michelle Raines

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