5 Children’s Entertainment Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

What to you get for the child that has everything? Well, one thing that you can’t find in a store that makes a great gift is a memory. Memories and experiences have to be made, which is what makes them so unique and special. When it comes to buying a gift, sometimes the best thing you can give cannot be wrapped. Try these 5 children’s entertainment ideas next time you find yourself shopping for you hard-to-please child:

1) A day at the movies – This is always sure to please. There are so many new children’s movies that are made to also be enjoyed by parents. Be sure to load up on concessions for the best movie-day-out experience. You can even get creative and dress for the theme of the movie, and have fun making costumes or accessories to go with the movie. Some theaters will do this, but it is often a fun bonding experience to make or shop for your outfits together.

2) Wandering in nature – Though it may sound like a disaster waiting to happen, most kids will love being outside. They may pine for the screens of their TV’s and iPads at first, but if you get them active and engaged in the outdoor activities, whether it be sports, a picnic, or hiking, you child will soon remember how much fun it can be to run around in the open air, be as loud as they way, and see all the amazing things mother nature has to offer.

3) Shop local – While it involves some planning ahead of time, shopping around at small, interesting local places is not only a great way to expose your kids to new things, support your local community, and walk away with a special gift to remember the day. Spend a little time researching popular and quirky places in your town, for instance locally owned toy stores, candy shops, and even antique places, can be a fascinating and stimulating experience for your child.

4) Get scientific – Many cities have some sort of children’s museum, with an array of interactive features that are not only fun to play with, but also teach your kids about science while they play. Even taking your kids to a regular museum, while it sounds boring, they may actually enjoy the experience very much, since it is all new and awe-inspiring visual and mental stimulation. If you child has a particular interest such as dinosaurs or sports cars, cater your museum choice to their interests by finding a classic car or dinosaur bones exhibit near you.

5) Try something new – Don’t be afraid to branch out, and try something that will be a new experience for the whole family. Trying something brand new is one sure-fire way to share an experience that will make memories to last a lifetime. Sharing the new experience will give you something you can talk about, and share your views and perspectives on how you each reacted. This can be anything from seeing a play, watching live music, attending a festival, going to a dinner theater show, or even trying a new restaurant. You will be surprised how much a new experience can bring your family closer together.

Source by Clinton Rhodes

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