68 Fennel Recipes for Shaving, Roasting, Pickling, and More

Most fennel recipes call for the bulb, but we’re here to tell you every bit of this funky-looking veg is edible. When you think about it, fennel is nature’s best 2-for-1 deal. Fronds! Bulb! Free stuff is awesome! You might be thinking: Hold up champ, what in the heck even *is* fennel? We’re talking about those crunchy bulbs with a subtle licorice flavor that originated on the shores of the Mediterranean but have since gone mainstream. When eaten raw in salad or pickles, fennel has a celery-like texture. Roasted for pasta or soup, it gets all sweet and caramelly like onions. Using fennel fronds, a.k.a. the frilly green mohawk that looks a little like dill, is a no-brainer. Add the fronds to pesto, sprinkle them over hot-smoked salmon, or use to decorate your favorite dessert (yep, you read that right). Trust us, there are as many ways to take advantage of your fennel friend as there are fennel recipes to try.

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