7 Signs That He is Obsessed With You! This Will Show You How Much He Truly Likes You

Obsession. The bitter truth about this word is that it often sprouts from love. When too much love is felt, sometimes, the person would have an uncontrollable desire for his partner. This desire would surely consume the person if he won’t do something to stop it. If you want to know if your man is obsessed with you, here are the signs:

He is possessive of you and your time.

Majority of men are possessive by nature. But if this possessiveness starts going overboard, then it’s time that you tell him his limits. He is definitely obsessed with you if he gets jealous even with your friends or family.

He tries to keep in touch – almost all the time.

It’s alright for lovers to communicate but there has to be a limit to this. If he starts calling you all the time or during the most ungodly hours, then it’s no longer healthy for your relationship. These acts of possessiveness should stop and you have to be adamant in letting him know that.

He hounds.

What sets him apart from a stalker is that you are in a relationship with him. It’s time to be alarmed if he suddenly appears in places that you frequent and this becomes a recurring thing.

He stares in a scary kind of way.

A man who is in love will look lovingly at his woman; an obsessed man on the other hand, will stare. If you catch him staring at you almost all of the time, don’t be afraid to openly tell him that this makes you feel uncomfortable.

He seems to know so much about you.

A guy who’s obsessed will do anything and everything in his power to obtain all the information that he wants to get. If he knows the number of panties in your drawer and what color each of them is, then you’ve got a stalker and not a boyfriend beside you!

He doesn’t want to be away from you.

When you ask to go out with your girl friends, a possessive guy will most definitely tell you that that he’s not okay with it. If not, he will come up with an excuse for you to cancel that girls’ night out.

He gets mad when other people make you happy.

When you go out, he’s all over you. And when you and your friends start to laugh and have fun, you would see him go to a corner to wait for you there. Other more obsessed and possessive guys would even beckon you to come to him to that corner just so you’d leave your friends.

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