A Friendly Guide to the Wonders of Your Blender

Summer is for fishing out the swimsuit you only wear once a year and hauling the blender down from the high cabinet, where it’s just chillin’ with the egg slicer and the air fryer.

This is the time of year for dips, cold soups, lassis, salsas, marinades, whipped cream, and frozen drinks—and your blender is going to make those dreams a reality. And once it’s on the counter, spoiling you with daily smoothies, maybe you’ll even decide that it deserves that precious real estate?

(And if you don’t have a blender, hopefully this guide will help you decide if it’s something you want to add to your wishlist or if you’re, you know, “all set.”)

So break down a watermelon, mentally prepare yourself for the joy of a fresh watermelon margarita, and let’s blend!

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