ACFN ATM Franchise Review – (Franchise Opportunity and Business Review)

ACFN is an ATM (automated cash machine) franchise business opportunity for many entrepreneurs looking for a low cost business to own and operate. Here is a simple review of the business and franchise with ACFN.

ACFN the ATM franchise business opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to own and operate their own business and comes at a cost of just under $40,000. The system is designed for any bricks and mortar business including hotel brands as well as movie theaters, hospitals, night clubs, sports bars, breweries and other city properties. The benefits of owning this type of business of course do not have to be explained as most of us use this service on almost a weekly basis.

There is no experience required to start this opportunity as the company does offer a full and comprehensive training program. This will include benefit from extensive site research, professional experienced advice on proper placement within the establishment to help maximize transactions, central processing, industry specific training, monitoring services, an ongoing revenue stream from each franchisee location.

The down fall of this franchise business however will be in the maintenance and service that will be required in which you the owner will be driving to and from one site to the other with the general activities of this upkeep. Although this business is listed as an ENTREPRENEUR TOP 500 home based business, home based is not exactly what it is.

The ACFN ATM franchise opportunity is a solid business that although takes a large investment, could pan out to be the right investment for some. In review, the ATM franchise business is a good business that given time and the right location might be a lucrative way to find success in this economy. For those of us who have found success as entrepreneurs know that success is only based on solid training, solid opportunity, product or service and the willingness to apply massive action.

Source by David James Boozer

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