Agel Review – Waste of Money Or Legit Business Opportunity?

Let me just start off with a little background on Agel. Starting back at 2005 in Provo, Utah this MLM company began shipping nutritional products in May ’05 and now Agel serves in over 55 countries. Their products are 9 ‘gelceuticals’ which were the first ever nutritional supplements that were compressed into a gel.

They were produced to target maladies and do things such as reduce appetite, increase energy and reduce pain in joints. Agel’s product became very popular in Jewish and Muslim culture as they were both kosher and halal verified, so that they became acceptable to digest in those 2 cultures.

Business Model & Compensation Plan

To become an Agel rep, you must purchase either a Personal Pack or an Executive Kit in order to receive commissions from recruiting others. The payment structure follows the pattern of a multi level marketing two-leg commission, which is where it is then broken down into a “stronger” and a “weaker” leg.

Commissions based on this particular model is at 10% – members of the team only creating commissions from the “weaker” leg. Agel also offers other attractive rewards for recruiting such as expense allowances, travel award funds and a luxury car fund. However, some may argue that many MLM companies such as Agel focus on reps recruiting others to the enterprise rather than selling the product, as well as the slightly complex compensation plan and recruitment rewards.

Okay, I’ve Joined Agel…What Now?

You need a proven formula, an effective marketing system and a way to generate more leads and more reps to your Agel business. The top earners in your company use the Internet to attract prospects who are wanting you to sponsor them. If you are pushing Agel’s replicated website and you are leading with your business, this is the fastest way to go broke in Network Marketing.

Instead, build relationships with prospects. Give advice to fellow Network Marketers on how they can build their businesses. You get paid based on the value you bring to the marketplace – so if you are just another “shifty salesman” trying to make a quick buck by asking for money up front, and you have nothing of value to offer then why would people join you?

Overall, I hope that you enjoyed reading this review on Agel and you can make an appropriate decision as to whether this opportunity is right for you.

Source by Seb Brantigan

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