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Buying a new coat takes some research. Most of the time, coats are expensive and they need to be high quality and stylish. Important factors of a good coat include durability, resistance to elements like cold, snow, and rain, and incredible warmth no matter how cold it is outside. Carhartt coats combine all of these qualities and more.

Carhartt is a clothing company that was founded in 1889. Its focus is on durable and high quality work clothes with their coats being the most popular seller. Other products include jackets, overalls, coveralls, vests, shirts, jeans, dungarees, and fire resistant clothing.

Carhartt was originally founded in Dearborn, Michigan to make work clothing for railroad workers. Their growth throughout the 1890s was focused on what railroad workers needed for durable and long lasting work overalls. Gradually, Carhartt clothing evolved trademark features intended to further extend durability.

Now, the clothing uses heavy duty threads, rivet reinforcement at vital stress points, and a variety of durable and high technology materials that are resistant to flames, abrasion, and water. Today, Carhartt is commonly found on construction sites, farms, and ranches along with other job sites.

Carhartt jackets have been used as a promotional tool. In the 1990s, Carhartt jackets achieved popularity with the general public when crack dealers started wearing them. They chose Carhartt because it kept them warm and carried their large amount of drugs for dealing.

However, people did not connect Carhartt with drugs. Instead, they saw a bunch of people wearing the coats on the street and it became a popular thing to wear. Even today, many people who do not work in industrial sectors wear Carhartt for its superior quality, warmth, and style.

In recent years, the company has launched Carhartt clothing for women. It focuses on workwear for women for the fall season. Carhartt sponsors blue collar organizations and events like rodeos and the National FFA Organization. During 9/11 World Trade Center rescue operations, Carhartt donated thousands of bib overalls to the rescue crews to be used on scene.

A Carhartt work coat is one of the best outdoor jackets on the market because the company makes a quality product. Carhartt clothing will stand up to the test of time and is extremely comfortable to wear. The material used for the exterior shell of Carhartt coats is canvas. In the past, this canvas was called Brown Duck, but now the material used is called Sandstone.

The Sandstone material is similar to the former Brown Duck material, except it has gone through an additional step that makes it softer and little more pliable. Previously, purchaser of Carhartt had to undergo a strenuous break in process for their new Carhartt coats.

One feature in Carhartt coats that set it apart from other coat brands is the pockets. Work coats often have pockets that are small or flimsy or set in an awkward angle. Carhartt’s pocket work on the coats is cut on a diagonal line so it is easy to hands into the pockets.

Exterior pockets are big and strong enough to carry tape measures, spare nails, and an extra pair of gloves. Carhartt coats also have interior pockets that are perfect for keeping wallets, checkbooks, and cell phones close at hand without them being exposed to the elements.

The Carhartt zipper tab is big enough for anyone to grasp even if hands are stiff with cold, arthritis, or fatigue. The zipper is made to last, same as the coat. It will not rust, get stuck, or unzip on its own.

A Carhartt work coat is very durable and comfortable. The coat is designed so that it is not bulky or tight. Movement will not be hindered. The coat is designed to keep the cold air out while trapping body heat inside. No matter how cold it is outside, people will stay warm and comfortable in a Carhartt coat.

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