Are Buyable Pins Changing the Measurability of Social Media?

Marketers, when examining your social analytics, are you getting the data needed to produce effective call-to-actions in your marketing campaigns? Do you realize more now than ever, online visitors are calling the shots about their readiness to buy, regardless of the platform they are visiting? As the buying traffic increases and combs through the latest trends, products and creative ideas found on various social media platforms, they desire to have the ability to purchase the products or services they view directly from that post. Buyable buttons are popping up more on social media channels than before and brands are beginning to see how valuable these buyable pins are to their ROI.

ROI always seemed to be an elusive, dirty word when it came down to successfully measuring the profitability of social media traffic. On ecommerce sites, consumers are familiar with the “add to cart” buttons, but in the past, social media had no concrete way to strategically measure conversion. As consumers are spending more time across various social platforms, brands have to nurture and continue to engage their online community, if they expect to benefit from it. Social media marketing strategies are being reshaped to make the buying process easier in order to drive more revenue from online shoppers.

At one time the quantity of social online followers was an impressive attribute, but brands are no longer driven solely by the quantity of their social audience. The quality of members, proactive community management and social listening is becoming increasingly important for brands that are focusing on growth. Omni-channel marketing is becoming the new norm and brand marketing specialists are taking a more holistic approach when viewing their customer’s touchpoints. Brands are becoming more focused as they are required to serve buyers better where their customers are most active, on designated social channels. They not only have an opportunity, but an obligation to invest in native experiences.

The influence of social media is requiring brands to look at their online community and focus more on practicality in order to produce actionable results on their investment. Targeting, analytics and reporting data are going to be driven more by the quality of online traffic. E-tailers and retailers will use customized strategic marketing concepts to make their social pages more user-friendly, for increased consumer trust, brand performance and greater conversion rates.

Source by Kym Gordon Moore

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