Are Sanyo Rice Cookers the Best Value Available?

When you are looking at a state of the art rice cooker that’s very simple to use, yet cooks perfect rice each time, then glance no further than the Sanyo Rice Cooker product line.

Depending on your current domestic needs, there is a big range of Sanyo models that can suit anyone, from 3 cup versions, to 10 and more.

Sanyo is obviously a really respected electronics organization, so you could be assured of superb good quality products as well as customer service.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for Sanyo is actually its brilliant line of rice steamers and cookers. A Sanyo model will certainly meet nearly all users’ specific needs. Regardless of whether you’re a homemaker or a restaurant owner, Sanyo offers what you need.

Below I’ve listed the primary Sanyo rice cookers currently available:

3 Cup Models

Economical as well as useful for smaller families, this particular rice cooker will support below four cups of rice, which makes it ideal for a small to medium sized family unit. You are able to choose between the EC503 and the ECJ-KT3 cookers.

Both of them are nonstick that allow for as much as 3 cups of rice. These particular units possess a warming function that will keep your rice warm for a specific amount of time.

The units will be wonderful for steaming your foods such as greens, dim sums, and a whole lot more. Also, you may purchase a rice cooker that can have capacity for as much as Three to Five cups of rice, such as the ECJ-B35S, ECJ-E35S, and Sanyo rice cooker ECJ-S35.

All these units are non-stick which support both heating plus steaming functions too and, they are also equipped with digital functions.

5 Cup Models

For families which may have two or maybe more children, or perhaps families whom might have visitors, the ideal rice cooker that will accommodate your requirements will be suitable for preparing a rapid and delicious meal.

For a very affordable price, you could either to take advantage of Sanyo EC-505 which supports Five cups of rice, or perhaps the Sanyo rice cookers ECJ-N55F, ECJ-N55W, or ECJ-C5105PF, that all hold up to Five.

In general, this range is going to be practical for the majority of homeowners.

10 Cup Models

For big households as well as for dining establishments which need substantial amounts of rice food prep, the Sanyo rice models will allow for Eight or even more cups are also obtainable on the market.

These machines are actually widely put into use in dining establishments because of their larger capacity. You’ll be able to select from versions like the Sanyo EC510, Sanyo ECJ-D100S, plus Sanyo ECJ-N100W that will produce about ten cups of rice.

There are other designs such as the Sanyo EC-408 and Sanyo EC-288. These particular products are a tad more expensive because they’ve got a bigger rice capacity and normally include even more cooking functions and also characteristics which make sure they are even a lot more convenient to make use of.

Sanyo offers a excellent remedy to fast and also hassle-free rice cooking at a price range and capacity to fit every person’s wishes.

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