Baby Products Moms Say They Cannot Do Without

With so many new baby products being introduced to the market daily, it can be overwhelming for a new mom to decide what is best and safe for baby. There is however certain gear that most moms declare they cannot do without so let’s see what these exceptionally favored items are.

According to many new moms, a baby sling is a must have for any busy housewife who has to juggle with the many day to day chores she has to contend with. A baby sling is ideal for hands free shopping and is definitely an essential item to have if traveling abroad in order to keep baby safe while mom carries her bags and other paraphernalia. There are however a few guidelines to follow when carrying a baby in a sling. Constant checks must be made to ensure the sling is not damaged and the rings are not hanging by a thread or broken. Baby’s face should never be covered and she should have a sufficient flow of air to breath and mom must take care that baby does not feel too hot while riding in the sling.

Other moms found the baby swing almost indispensable to put baby to sleep. Babies can be so fidgety at times they simply refuse to go to sleep especially when mom needs a little bit of shut eye. The gentle swaying motion of the swing lulls the baby to sleep and a battery operated sling is great to make baby stop crying as well. A few minutes of swaying is considered by most moms to be sufficient for the baby to fall asleep. A useful tip given by a mom who has been through it all is to make sure there are extra recharged batteries on hand as well as a recharger to avoid having to run to the drug store late at night.

A mom who drives a lot swore by her favorite item of baby gear which according to her is the stroller frame that let’s the baby car seat snap into it for ease of movement. According to her, its greatest advantage does not have to wake baby when you have to get in and out of the car. She also advises parents never to buy baby car seats that have been used because you never know if these have been compromised in any way due to a previous accident. Furthermore, car seats apparently have a date of expiry which means that after a certain period of time, the fabric can break or start cracking which can be unsafe as well as unhealthy for baby.

All moms however did not feel they had to have state of the art innovative new gear and were quite insistent that there were other things they couldn’t do without. One mom decided she couldn’t do without the very versatile Ziploc bag with everything ready for an instant change of diaper and an extra one for dirty diapers. She thought they were also ideal to carry a few toys or pacifiers. Another one said she loved bibs with color coded snaps at the bottom that created deep pockets to catch food that fell when feeding baby.

All in all, moms love to try out new gadgets when they hear about them from friends or see them in adverts. What they should remember however is that keeping baby safe is even more important than convenience and it’s always best to check about the safety of child products before purchasing anything.

Source by Jennifer Gormly

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