Bantamweight Jason Moloney stops Leonardo Baez in seven rounds

Jason Moloney put forth a strong, committed effort in stopping Leonardo Baez in seven rounds in the main event of Thursday night’s Top Rank on ESPN card in Las Vegas.

From the very beginning of their scheduled 10-round bantamweight bout, Moloney decided to stay inside with the taller Baez, and simply worked him over with both hands.

From the very onset, the shorter Moloney (21-1, 18 KOs) made the decision to get close to Baez (18-3, 9 KOs) and proceeded to chip away with body shots, and then quick, compact rights.

Baez suffered cuts over both eyes, and as the onslaught of Moloney kept ramping up, the decision was made to call off the fight from Baez’s corner after the seventh.

Moloney’s twin brother, Andrew Moloney, lost his junior bantamweight title at the same venue just two days ago.

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