Bearded Dragon Lizard Behavior — Quite Interesting Actually!

A Bearded Dragon Lizard is a great addition to a family as a pet. Not only are they low-maintenance they are also very gentle and easy to handle. They are definitely the paradigm of the ideal pet. Now if only other pets could be this easy to handle and this agreeable.

Bearded Dragon Lizards are extremely gentle and docile. They make great pets for children and adults. They are very trusting and it may be possible to carry these lizards the first time and they wouldn’t mind at all. This makes them very ideal as pets.

Docile Nature

As mentioned earlier Bearded Dragon Lizards are very gentle and can be handled without fear of retaliation. You could pick it up to get another place and it wouldn’t mind. They don’t easily feel threatened and will definitely make a gentle and manageable pet. They have an agreeable nature and take a lot to provoke.

Also they are very easy to care of. The only complication here is its eating habits. But for the most part, Bearded Dragon Lizards are easy to care for and do not pose much of an attitude problem.

Bearded Dragon Lizards are omnivores, meaning they will eat pretty much anything. Their diet consists of greens, vegetables, but most importantly insects. Bearded Dragon Lizards will eat meal worms, grasshoppers, and even small animals like small mice.

Also, the easily adapt to different environments. In fact, they can be found in different environments such as deserts, wood lands, and even populated areas. Also, they are not averse to making contact with humans. This again adds to their compatibility with humans as pets.


Many have noticed that Bearded Dragon Lizards can be almost comical in their interactions with one another. When threatened or agitated, Bearded Dragon Lizards will go up a flap of skin beneath their jaws. This flap of skin will also take on a dark hue which may even extend to its chest.

They will also display this behavior during mating season to project a sense of dominance among females. And in return females or other male Bearded Dragon Lizards will either slowly bob their heads or will wave their hands to signify submission.

However, it is not only the males that display their beards to signify agitation or dominance. Even females will display their beards once in awhile. These Bearded Dragon Lizards are definitely amusing to watch as they go about their social interactions.

Sometimes the Bearded Dragon Lizard will display this behavior when placed in a new environment. They will sometimes display dominance when they are put in an unfamiliar territory. And like most animals, they will mark that territory as their own.

Also, when displaying a heightened sense of attention, Bearded Dragon Lizards will raise their tails. They will usually do this when they are stalking prey. Juvenile lizards will display this more often than adult ones.

These behaviors are not to be of any concern. For most Bearded Dragon Lizard owners they are a source of amusement more than irritation.


In the end, the common behavior of Bearded Dragon Lizards is amusing and adds to their endearing nature. They do not pose any significant difficulty in their care as a result of which. They should be a great choice as pets in a home that has children or first time owners of pets.

Source by Michael Torresi

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