Bowflex Flex Gym Style Ab Crunch Review

By now everyone has seen commercials for the Bowflex home gyms. “I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends,” one guy casually remarks in the infomercial. Can these miraculous machines give us such arrogant confidence too? Will we be able to sculpt our bodies like professional weight lifters without steroids? Will this take up my entire living room as I try to position myself in front of the TV and aggravate my wife to no end? There are many questions when it comes to the Bowflex machinery. Another question one might ask is whether or not to buy the Bowflex Flex Gym Style Ab Crunch accessory attachment?

The first generation of Bowflex machines (Classic, Xtreme, Ultimate) use traditional Power Rod technology, which is essentially the cable/pulley system found in standard gym machines. However, Bowflex differs from gym machines in that the repetitions start off easier and become more difficult as the tension increases. By contrast, gym machines keep equal resistance the whole way through, so exercisers don’t need to complete as many reps. In 2006, the second generation of Bowflex (Revolution) debuted using SpiraFlex technology, which is a different type of cable/pulley system. This style offers a more uniform resistance throughout the repetition. Any Bowflex system can be fitted with the Bowflex Flex Gym Style Ab Crunch, which sells for an additional $199.

Reviews of the Bowflex Flex Gym Style Ab Crunch and Bowflex systems are generally positive. Reviewers say that the attachment is “very heavy duty,” “easy-to-use,” “comfortable” and effective. Compared to regular crunches, the attachment makes the workout easier, without all the neck and back strain. One problem is that the attachment is a bit “bulky,” which makes storage an issue for people living in close quarters. Since it’s so hefty, deciding you don’t want it and sending it back could be a hassle. However, most customers still recommend this product since you can “feel your stomach burn immediately.”

Currently, the best way to buy Bowflex Flex Gym Style Ab Crunch is directly through the TV infomercial or their website. In recent news, it’s been reported that U.S. Customs has seized 32,000 knock-off exercise equipment items since April. These products include the Bowflex Home Gym and involve items manufactured cheaply in China and later sold on or As Dr. Barbara Bushman of the American College of Sports Medicine, says: “Any time that we’re looking at resistance training equipment that includes pulleys and levers or bands, we want to make sure those are secure. We want to make sure that there’s nothing that’s unsteady about the base of the equipment, whether it’s the equipment itself, or a bench that we may be positioning our body on.”

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