Brad Browning Guide for Getting Your Ex Back

No one wants to go through a breakup. Brad Browning knows this. As a verified relationship expert, Brad Browning teaches men and women all over the world how to deal with the pain of a breakup. He has written numerous guides, filmed help videos, and coached people individually through the breakup to reconnection process.

Brad Browning Method for Recovering Your Self-Esteem

One of the worst parts of going through a breakup is the pain of losing someone — that much is true. But even worse is losing your self-esteem. Being told “you’re not enough for me” or “you aren’t making me happy anymore” is a huge blow to someone’s ego. When you go through the breakup, your first step should be getting your self-esteem back.

In his guide, Brad Browning explains that the process of getting your self-esteem back is straightforward. First, you need to focus on yourself and your own life, letting your ex go temporarily. This is not a permanent move, just something that you must do in the meantime until you feel 100% again.

Repeatedly look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself you are worthy and good and someone who is completely worth loving. You should take time out during the day for this type of self-affirmation to ensure that your self-esteem does not take a blow after your breakup.

Getting Your Ex Back — The No Contact Rule

Brad Browning also talks a lot about the No Contact Rule as part of the breakup and recovery process. The no contact rule is a period where you don’t talk to your ex by phone, Facebook, Reddit, or any other method — for a full 30 days (or more). The important thing about this period is that it gives you time to focus on what went wrong during your relationship so you can form a plan of attack.

It also gives you time to make your ex miss you, which is part of what will help you get them back in the end.

The reason no contact is so important is that it helps your ex figure out the things that they did wrong, and also have some time to gain perspective. It also lets you reconnect later on with a stronger relationship because you will have had time to evaluate yourself and your own life before becoming co-dependent with your ex.

Reconnecting Later On

After you have a period of time for recovering your self-esteem and going no contact, you will be able to reconnect with your ex. You can do this through a letter that you write to them explaining that you understand their reasons for the breakup and you accept it.

But there is also another very important part of getting back together with your ex that Brad Browning discusses as part of his relationship coaching. You won’t generally hear this advice anywhere else, which is what makes it so unique.

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