Bras, Girdles, & Panties – So Many Choices

Bras, girdles and panties are important to us women and our choices effect every time we get up in the morning. With so many different undergarment options it’s hard to know which pieces of clothing are a good buy. I will attempt to break down the myriad of different bras, girdles and panties to choose from. Look, feel and price are important in the decision making process.

First we will discuss different bra options. For a woman looking for a non-jumbo no-wire bra then Warner’s Friday Bra Collection would be a good choice. There is only one no-wire bra made by Bali and that is the Bali Bra Style # 3062. The Bali underwire minimizer bra style # 3562 is made like a Sherman tank and is perfect for women wanting support and endurance.   If I had a choice of only one bra to be made I would choose the Bali Bra Style # 3820. 

It looks good, no-wire, it’s a great fabrics, comes in all sizes, and you have many colors to choose from.   The strongest, and best, underwire support bra that lasts forever is the Lilyette #908. If you need a giant size, like a 54DDD, you must try Playtex Style # 4693 or look at the Goddess company line.    If you need a small size bra, like a 32 Nearly A, look at the Playtex In-Between Size Collection. The best nursing bra is Goddess Style # 1001, specially made with your child in mind.  

If you would like to spend a little more on a bra, and want to move into glamour, you must try Wacoal Style # 85814. This bra won an aware from Good Housekeeping. If you want quality but would like to spend less then try the Playtex Feel Beautiful Collection, Every Day Basic Collection and Hanes Bras.   If you need a full figure low low cut bra try Vanity Fair Style # 7500’s. The best longline bra is Bali Style # 3300. A good basic every day cotton lined cup, no wire bra is Carnival # 660.   The best all-in-one are Va Bien 1291 and Bali 7432. 

The best panty girdles are Rago 6797 and Flexees 6855. Rago is one of the few girdle companies still around.   The best sports bras are available through Champion. Champion style 072 is rated the best sports bra. If you are looking for a good t-back underwire try Wacoal 65124. Wonderbra 7880 is the best strapless bra on the market.   The best hipster is Olga 913. The best briefs are Bali 8500, Barely There 2703 and Bali Skimp Skamp 2633. As with anything, bra, panties, girdles and other undergarments are an individual choice that is dependent on taste and comfort. Hopefully this guide can assist in your next purchase of bras or other undergarments.

Source by Jessica Sacks

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