Buying and Selling Wholesale Products

There are several reasons. The number one reason is they think eBay is the best and only place to sell wholesale products. eBay is the world’s largest and there are many people who have made millions on eBay.

There are also countless people who have worked very hard and have made little or no profit from eBay because there were hundreds of people trying to sell the same thing with better prices. This is not new. Department stores and discount stores will sometimes run at a loss for items to get more customers.

This can be difficult for a new person trying to start a business selling the same products. In most cases eBay is just too competitive. Electronics, handbags, children’s clothing and games can be a very difficult area for a new business to start in.

You would not be wise to try and compete against an established seller who has already gained a large following with competitive prices.

So what should you do?

One thing you could do if what you’re trying to sell is in a very competitive niche, would be to try to focus your marketing campaign with your local classified newspaper to start with. You may not be reaching the amount of people you would with eBay but the buyers you find in such medias will possibly pay more for your wholesale product. Your profits can be much higher and you will have a lot less competition to worry about. After you start making a profit you can use that profit to start her own online store.

Where I find a good wholesale Product resource?

Of course the Internet is the first place most people start looking for wholesalers. It can be the quickest way to make contacts. Pickup trade magazines. If you find a product you are thinking about marketing you can call the manufacturer and find out if they have a wholesale supplier.

Trade shows are also a great place to find wholesalers. Usually they are only reserved for established sellers so be sure and have business cards and your tax ID ready. There is nothing better than being able to talk to a wholesale product resource face to face.

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