Can’t Fall Asleep? Here Are 5 Ways To Help Keep Those Eyes Shut For The Night

Get Out Of Bed

Okay, and go binge on a delicious dessert in the frig, right? No. If your mind is twirling with ideas like mine does, it is best sometimes to just get up out of that comfy comforter and write those thoughts down. Whether that be a to do list for the next day, things you had forgotten about, ideas on art or writing or even how that barista didn’t give you enough change – write it out! Putting those thoughts on paper help your mind to expel them so you don’t have to lay there thinking about it over and over again with the hopes of those epiphanies still being there in the morning.

Don’t Want To Get Out of Bed? Well Then Pick Up Your Cell Phone!

We don’t pay an exasperating amount of money for smart phones these days to just use for texting and emojis. You can use different apps – like reminders, notes and a calendar – that are typically embedded in the phone when you purchase it. So when you’re feeling it’s too cold or you’re too comfortable to force yourself out of bed, reach over for your phone and type it out or even talk it out to your phone navigator like Siri!

Take A Bath

I know that oftentimes when I’m stressed and feeling overwhelmed, that I just need a way to calm down, and a nice, warm, bubbly bath is a good way to achieve that. Your mind may just need a break. If it’s nothing imperative for you to remember for the following day, go for a soak. Using different oils or bath products containing lavender or sage can help calm your mind down. According to an article on The Huffington Post, “relaxing in a warm tub slowly increases your body’s temperature. When you hop out and it returns to a cooler state, your brain releases melatonin, triggering bedtime.” I personally never see a negative to taking a relaxing bath, just don’t fall asleep in it!

Noise Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Although I don’t condone keeping a TV in the bedroom, sometimes a little bit of low volume noise is what you need to help you drift off into sleep. I know for myself, pure silence allows that voice in my head to get louder when it has something to say. I have found that putting some relaxing music on can disrupt the persistent thoughts. You can use phone apps, like Pandora, to find a station that suits your fancy for relaxation, as well as any calming CD’s you may have lying around. If all else fails and the only thing you have for some noise is a TV in your bedroom, turn it on and to a station that you would prefer to sleep through than watch and make sure the volume is low. Sometimes all it takes is just a little bit of noise to defuse the mind from over thinking.


This is my go to when everything else fails, and quite honestly, the one I use for myself the most. There are many different forms of meditations that are helpful for a multitude of things. As much as I’d love to dive deep into all of its benefits, for right now, we’ll stick with it helping you fall asleep. It may not happen the first time you try this but don’t let that deter you, it’s just a matter of truly letting your mind go which isn’t always simple. First, take long, deep breaths in and out – I’m talking letting your stomach rise and fall type of breaths. Focus on those breaths as you breath in and out. Don’t let your mind go anywhere else. If those initial thoughts start to try to crawl their way back in, just mentally acknowledge them and let them float by while you focus on your breathing. Although of course your eyes are closed, try to take the vision of your mind to the center, right between both eyes. I often see a dim, somewhat circular light there at first. Take your focus there as you breathe. Don’t give it much thought, but just try to keep your focus there. Any images you may see or words you may hear, just let them do their thing, no matter how off the beaten path it may be. Don’t try to over think anything or snag onto one of the random thoughts or images that pass through to analyze what it means. Just “watch” them calmly until you peacefully drift off into sleep. Like I said, this may take a few tries, even still for me. Sometimes my mind is on a mission to keep me wide awake and I have to start over again on my meditation until I truly let it go. The more you do it though, the easier it will work for you.

I hope this helps! What are natural ways that help you fall asleep?

Source by Kari Crawford

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