Cell Phones Are Dangerous – Especially For Children

I have been reading about the dangers of cell phones and it is very scary. If you don’t read past this line, do NOT let your kids under 8 use cell phones!

Research says that cell phones are dangerous for you. Besides the fact that they are dangerous for kids (read below!), they can cause brain cancer, headaches, dizziness & Alzheimers!

One doctor said that children under 8 should not use a cell phone because children have thinner skulls than adults, and their nervous systems are still developing so children are particularly vulnerable to tumors on the nerve connecting your ear to your brain.

Dr. Mercola cautions us that “we are on the verge of a brain cancer epidemic. It could grow to 500,000 cases worldwide as soon as 2010, and there may be over a million cases in the U.S. alone by 2015.”

He said this is all hidden because telecommunications is such a big business… and getting bigger all the time. It’s all about the money!

Dr. Mercola said, “If you do choose to use a cell phone, use the speakerphone function whenever possible — and keep the phone about two feet away from any body part… and when a speakerphone isn’t practical, use an air-tube headset, rather than a wireless Bluetooth.

Do not keep the phone on your belt or in your pocket even when you’re not using it, as the radiation WILL penetrate your body wherever the phone is attached. Instead, stow it away in a purse, backpack, or your car’s glove compartment.”

Source by Hope Pope

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