Cherries and Beauty

Cherries are not only delicious but they are also beauty boosters-Did you know that? Apart from vitamin A and vitamin C, cherries also contain bioflavonoid. Also, cherries are rich in disease- fighting antioxidants and we all know how good antioxidants are for your skin and beauty.

Cherry contains…

The melatonin found in cherries help to delay the natural aging process. There are two flavonoids found in cherries. They are isoqueritin and queritrin. They both are powerful antioxidants and help in delaying the aging process.

If you suffer due to black circles, wrinkles, eye bags, etc. due to insomnia or lack of proper sleep, then again cherries are good for you as the melatonin found in cherries will help in improving your sleep pattern.

Cherries Benefits

Cherries will not only help you to get more beautiful but also will help you to fight certain types of cancers, help you to fight heart diseases, arthritis, gout, migraines and much more.

Cherries Consumption

Since cherries are seasonal fruits, you cannot get their benefits always. So, buy a good cherry juice concentrate and make it a part of your diet.

Cherries and weight loss

When you add cherries every day to your diet, the body fat reduces [] and it helps to reduce your total body weight. It also lowers your cholesterol and this is how it wards off heart diseases.

This little red round fruit has so many benefits that it would be a real mistake to neglect their intake. Make cherries a part of your daily diet and be happy, healthy and beautiful.

Source by Archana Sarat

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