Corn & Chickpea Bowl with Miso-Jalapeño Tahini Recipe

Holy mackeral I love this. I will be honest, there are a lot of ingredients and last years me would have said no thanks and moved on. But my friends, it is worth it. Simultaneously feels indulgent, healthy and incredibly nourising. Make extra dressing, because believe me you will want it for tomorrow’s salad. I soft boil eggs for some protein and highly recommend doing so. I will also say that while the first time I made it, I did everything as written, subsequent preparations were always missing an ingredient or two depdning on what was on hand. Doing it as written is amazing, but I’ve found it’s a pretty forgiving recipe.


I loved everything about this dish. It’s a delicious mash up of Med-Asian-Mexican cuisine that is filling but light, crunchy but soft, and bright but creamy. The dressing alone is a stand out and I definitely plan to make that again to serve with other dishes. I followed the recipe almost exactly but used butter lettuce, just two ears of corn (all I had on hand) and added English cucumber. Even my butcher husband liked it. Best part about the meal is that it’s quick and easy to make, perfect for a weeknight meal. Can’t wait to remake again tomorrow for lunch!

kaymosfNapa, CA07/27/20

This salad is delightful as written but also welcomes riffs. I found that the dressing made more than I needed for 4 salads and was great on some simple roasted veggies as well as the salad. The recipe came together super quickly for a perfect summer weeknight dinner.
I do want to note, I have no idea what kind of Tahini could possibly have 1,000 calories in 1/3 cup. I weighed out 1/3 cup and it came out to 75g. My tahini had 190 calories per a 28g serving, or roughly 510 calories for the full 1/3 cup.

WilyFoodDiarySt. Louis07/23/20

I really enjoyed this recipe! For those worried about the high calorie/fat content, I subbed greek yogurt for most of the tahini (I know; I judge myself, too) and it was absolutely delicious!


This is an amazing, wonderful, perfect recipe. So far I’ve made it with Kale or cauliflower instead of corn. But looking forward to trying that too. How nice to find a recipe I don’t have to improve on.
Lots of flavour, filling, and on the healthy side. Though there is a lot of oil and fat. But we LOVE it.


This is so good! I was a little meh about the tahini sauce when I first tried it, but when it’s combined with the seasoned chickpeas and corn? Incredible.

Also, with the eternal caveat that I realize high in calories doesn’t necessarily equal unhealthy: this is a very high-calorie salad. I made it entirely as described, minus avocado but plus feta, and it comes out to around 650 calories a serving. That tahini’s a killer – 1/3 cup is over 1,000 calories! Doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a bomb salad, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone else keeps on eye on that kind of thing.


This was fantastic, so much so that I had to share the recipe with all of my friends. I did make some subs, as it’s hard to find some things at the market these days. I used canned corn and dried chickpeas. I used curry powder instead of za’atar. I also didn’t have feta or fresh cilantro, so I just left them out. Used ramps in the sauce for some green and bite, along with dried cilantro… Worked just fine. Great recipe. Will definitely make again. Hopefully next time with the right ingredients.


Wow. This actually blew my mind – what a great combination of flavors & textures, totally unexpected. Will definitely be making again – I actually signed up for BA (finally) to leave this review ! great work Chris

ALightningLos Angeles04/15/20

This tastes like magic. This is the most baller salad lunch. I feel rich when I eat this. I want weeks worth of these recipes with delicious tahini sauces!!


Made this tonight and it was delicious! Simple ingredients, well-balanced and leftovers with be perfect for lunch. I made it plant-based without the feta, and it was still great.


This sounds really good. Is it me, or is miso missing from the ingredient list?

dogthisBellingham 01/13/18

This sounds interesting, I’m nota salad lover and tend not enjoying sweet salad dressings. This i will make. Thank you


This is the kind of salad I would pay, like, $12 for at Sweetgreen. I’d feel guilty about spending that much $$$ but I would also probably love it. Luckily, I can make this at home and feel superior about my cooking and frugality. Score.

alizaraeNew York 10/31/17

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