Creepy Paranormal Stories From Reddit


The attic ghost:

“I used to live in a house that was built on old farm land, I slept in a bedroom that had no door. Except for the door leading up to the attic, which had a little sliding lock on it. Every single night, I’d close the door and lock it. The attic frequently had birds and such get into it, and I didn’t feel like having them fly out.

Except, every single morning, it’d be unlocked and slightly ajar. During the night, I’d wake up and have sleep paralysis. It was pretty frequent, and I got used to it. During said sleep paralysis, a figure would open up the closet and slip out. All black, sort of shadowy, and wearing what I can only describe as a farmer’s hat. It’d stare at me for a moment, just stare. Sometimes it’d take a step over before turning and walking out the entrance to my bedroom, which lacked a door, but I had set up some beads. They’d knock together. I can still hear it to this day.

I had always been told I had an overactive imagination, I never spoke of it to my parents or family since they’d probably make fun of it. One summer, my cousin came to visit. She took over my room, since my family thought she deserved a larger room for whatever reason. She came down for breakfast in the morning white as a sheet and said I could have my room back. When my mother asked why, she told her she had sleep paralysis and saw basically what I had. I had never spoken to her of this.

Years later, once we had moved out of the house, my mother told me something. Her bedroom was on the same hallway as mine, and she always slept with the door open. She told me some nights she’d wake up, just to see a figure pass by the bedroom quickly.

I don’t really know if it was a shared delusion or what, but, it still scares me a bit to this day.”


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