Custom Fridge Magnets – The Latest Trend With Promotional Products

Fridge magnets are proven to be an effective and low-cost method to generate new businesses. In-keeping with this trend, business companies, realizing its importance have selected Custom Fridge Magnets as their latest promotional product.

The demand is so high that the online market has fridge magnet factories where promotional magnets are mass produced and delivered right at your doorstep.

One would wonder why the refrigerator in particular was chosen as the most suitable location for a custom-made magnet. Promotional products of today are home-based and most of them are targeted towards the kitchen and bathroom – places of the home which are frequented most. The kitchen of every home now has turned out to be the most common socializing area of a home. Consider a busy family with working parents and working/studying children; everyone gets home only in the evenings and the mother has no option but be in the kitchen cooking the family meal. Thus everyone gets together in this common place where many family things can get accomplished at the same time. This gave way to the concept of Custom Fridge Magnets – the refrigerator being an-all important home appliance which is used by every family member, a number of times per day. Where else could you find an ideal location to promote your product?

Fridge magnets come in various shapes and sizes, such as:

  • The Most Popular Standard and Business Size and Shaped Magnets
  • Circle and Oval Magnets
  • Rectangle Magnets
  • Square Magnets
  • Shaped Magnets
  • Picture Frame Magnets
  • Pad Magnets
  • Calendar Magnets

There is much more to this list. It is important that you plan out and design what exactly you intend printing on your Custom Fridge Magnets. Initially its best that you decide on the size and thereafter you can fit in your logo, company name and/or brand, a message and if possible contact details. Most promotional product manufacturing companies provide you assistance to design this all-important promotional item.

You will need to consider your distribution plan as well, before manufacturing. In case you intend posting out these magnets to potential clients, you may have to consider using a very slim type of magnet which has minimum gauge. This will help you to slip these magnets into an envelope comfortably. If you are planning to hand-deliver or distribute these magnets then the size will not matter.

Custom Fridge Magnets given out as a freebie will be well-accepted by potential customers. If your product is a home-based item, your marketing strategy will be successful as it will definitely stay in the minds of the household when they see it all the time on their refrigerator. It does not mean that this strategy will not be effective for non-home based items. The message will be as successful as it will be seen always. Moreover there might be chances that the message might continue by the word of mouth, and this might pave the way for more potential customers.

These magnets are now more popular as a promotional product rather than being used to hold-on to notes and shopping lists.

Source by Paul Sung

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