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RATP Dev, in the Middle East and across the world, is committed to developing and optimizing public transportation systems. Everywhere, we operate to boost the local economy and quality of life of our passengers. Everywhere, we are driven by excellence, passion and determination in welcoming challenge.

RATP Dev Middle East is the regional head office of RATP Dev which operates and maintains urban transportation systems in 12 countries, on four continents, carrying more than 1.5 billion annual passengers on its networks. Headquartered in Dubai for 10 years, RATP Dev Middle East has become a leading innovative and sustainable mobility players in the MENA region. Recognized as a worldwide expert in automated metro, RATP Dev has been awarded significant contracts in the Middle East and is now operating a total of 5 driverless metro lines in the region, including two of the Riyadh metro in Saudi Arabia.

In the larger MENA region, RATP Dev operates Algiers metro, Algeria’s tramway networks, and Casablanca (Morocco) tramways. RATP Dev will soon be in charge of the operations and maintenance of Cairo Line 3 and its future extension therefore we are actively sourcing quality talent for this new and exciting venture in Egypt.

• The Deputy Customer Services Director assists the Customer Service Director to define the Customer Services strategy and ensure a high quality passenger experience for all metro.

• Coordinate with Customer service director, implement all administrative strategies, and develop all communication policies according to board policies.

• Monitor all staff activities according to existing policies, evaluate all financial statements on monthly basis, and develop all strategy according to the department budget.

• Collaborate with staff, evaluate all programs and activity performance, maintain competency in all organization policies, and participate in various community outreach activities.

• Manage all communication for organization in coordination with customer service and manage all programs for foundations and community organization and monitor staff for all company programs.

• Prepare all program goals and objectives, evaluate progress and effectiveness of all staff, and provide support to all its members to achieve all project deliverable within required time-frame and prepare all work plans and grant deliverable as per requirement.

• Assist to develop various alliances to achieve all conversation objectives, coordinate with various departments to schedule all agenda for meetings and ensure compliance to all contract deliverable within required time-frame, and maintain quality for all procedures.

• Administer everyday functions for organization and coordinate with customer service director to prepare all long-term strategies to achieve all goals and evaluate performance of various fundraising programs.

• Develop and manage all communication with public on various programs and prepare strategies to recommend organization with various social media.


• High degree of computer literacy and proficiency in data analysis

• Proven customer orientation and service improvement essential

• Strong track record of team management

• Strong planning skills – good tracking and follow-up

• Effective verbal and written communication skills

• Able to both lead and take a hands-on approach to projects

• Proven ability to persuade and influence

• Strong ethics – complies with applicable laws and regulations


• At least 5 years’ experience in business relationship management, customer service or sales within a customer oriented environment.

• A related field such as travel and hospitality is also acceptable

We operate and maintain urban and intercity transportation systems in 12 countries, on four continents, carrying more than 1.5 billion annual passengers on our networks.

Our parent company, RATP, is the transportation operator for Paris and the surrounding region. It ensures 12 million trips a day on one of the world’s densest and most multi-modal transportation network.

As the world’s fifth-largest transportation company, RATP Group runs and maintains tens of thousands of kilometers of subway, bus, tram, and urban or intercity rail lines around the globe.

Every day we innovate for smarter, more sustainable cities by designing, operating and maintaining networks for the well-being of our passengers. Our key words: passion and determination.

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