Dish Network Is More Flexible Than The Competition

If you’ve been looking into switching to Dish Network , you probably know that it offers plenty of great channels for your money, but you might not be aware of just how much flexibility it’s entertainment packages offer. The flexibility comes from the fact that Dish Network has so many different entertainment packages designed for households with so many different budgets and needs.

For example, Dish Network ‘s Dish Family is a great choice for families who are trying to save some money, but still want a steady stream of entertainment, educational programming, and information that they can all enjoy. Discovery Kids, Angel One, Hallmark Movie, Food Network, C-SPAN, and Animal Planet are just a few of the forty great channels offered with Dish Family.

Families who want more variety can choose from any one of the three America’s Top Entertainment Packages from Dish Network . America’s Top 60 Entertainment package has sixty channels like USA Network, Comedy Central, Nick at Nite, the Sci-Fi Channel, CNN, ESPNews, The Weather Channel, Spike TV, the Discovery Channel, and lots more. America’s Top 120 Entertainment Package adds more programming choices from great channels like Si TV, Toon Disney, BBC America, the Game Show Network, PAX TV, Lifetime Movie Network, Animal Planet, and FOX News to bring the total offerings up to one hundred twenty channels. With America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package you get sixty more channels including The Movie Channel Extra, Wisdom Television, seven Encore movie channels, Great American Country, Style, The Biography Channel, FOX Movie Channel, SoapNet, Discovery Home & Leisure, National Geographic, The Science Channel, CNBC World, and Nickelodeon Games & Sports.

For families who want even more choices, and especially movies, America’s Everything Pak is a great option. Dish Network ‘s America’s Everything Pak has all one hundred eighty channels of America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package plus movie packages from Cinemax and HBO and the STARZ! Super Pak and Showtime Unlimited. The HBO package has eight channels including HBO, HBO 2, HBO Signature, and HBO Comedy. The Cinemax Package has five channels including Cinemax, 5 Star Max, and MoreMAX. Showtime Unlimited has ten channels like FLIX, Show Too, Showtime Showcase, and Showtime Extreme. The STARZ! Super Pak has eight channels including Encore, STARZ! Cinema, and STARZ! Family. The movie packages bring the total number of channels in America’s Everything Pak up to two hundred and ten.

For households that speak Spanish or a combination of Spanish and English, Dish Network offers Dish Latino Packages. Dish Latino Basic has thirty channels of Spanish Language programming including Cine Latino, HTV, Telehit, Univision (Este y Oeste), De Pelicula Clasico, mun2, Toon Disney, TV Espanola Internacional, and Fox Sports Espanol. Dish Latino Dos has the same thirty channels in Spanish as Dish Latino Basic and adds eighty nine in English. Dish Latino Max has thirty Spanish channels and 130 English ones. Dish Network’s Latino Everything Pak has everything from Latino Max with the addition of the same movie packages that come with America’s Everything Pak.

The thing that really makes Dish Network more flexible than the competition is that it offers so many different entertainment packages combined with the fact that you can customize any of them by adding extra channels. For example, Seasonal Sports Subscriptions like NBA League Pass and NHL On the Ice make great additions to any package for the hard core sports fan. Regional Sports Networks are also a great option. SIRIUS Satellite radio stations from Dish Network, give you a lot more entertainment options, and local channels can help you stay connected to the area you live in as well as give you the mainstream programming available only through the major networks. If you have invested in HDTV (High Definition Television, Comcast, Charter Communications, Adelphia, Cox Communications, CableVision, Time Warner and the other Cable TV companies are all attempting to get there HD programming up to speed while Dish Network is doing a great job with the best HDTV receivers and HD programming.

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