Do Drop Cards Really Work?

The number one offline marketing tool by far is the $100 drop card, this new tool will dramatically change the way you generate new targeted traffic offline. The facts are simply this you never want to put all your eggs into one basket, marketing is like fishing you should have as many hooks in the water as possible. Marketing offline with drop cards provide a viable tool for any network marketer, regardless of skill level, to attract new prospects and potential clients. These cards really do work.

I know you may be a little curious about the $100 marketing tool and what they do? Well it’s exactly what the name implies it’s a business card of sorts but more specifically the nature and design is what attracts people. Specifically a certain type of card the $100 one will outperform most other types. The genius of the card is what’s important, this particular card looks like a real $100 bill. They can be given out like business cards or strategically dropped in locations of your choice.

Something fun and really easy to use, you can leave your phone number, your website and/or your message whatever you wish. These cards attract new prospects like wildfires, How powerful would it be to hand someone a $100 bill after a benefit, presentation or social gathering. The number of ways that you can use these cards are virtually unlimited. You want people seeking you out and looking to connect with you and drop cards are very useful tool to carry out the task at hand. I believe they come in denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100.

Now don’t get me wrong all drop cards, just like all people aren’t the same. If you were to decide to use this tool, quality and eye appeal is of the utmost importance. Which ever you choose it needs to be something that when your prospect sees it they are compelled to look at your message and read it. Who could ask for anything more, this puts you right in the race. The $100 bill cards work extremely well because when your prospect is given one or sees one on the ground, they will pick it up! What do you think would go through the mind of someone after you hand them $100 for a tip, or a business card, etc!

These money drop cards look very real just like U.S. currency, but here is a tip to increase your response rate and eliminate curious people and/or pretenders from contacting you and wasting valuable time. You should keep your message short and simple and leave only your website address. This will drive traffic to your website or blog and people can view your products and services, and if they want more information they can reach you through your website. Marketing is all about traffic and exposure, if people don’t get to see what you have have to offer, you business will fail. This is the type of marketing tool that can really be fun, and they are work too. I can personally attest that you will have a blast with them.

Source by John Reynolds Jr

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