Do Men Love Soft Women? Discover What Type of Women Men Really Adore and Want to Be With

A lot of women are a little confused about the type of women that men normally like. While most men like soft women here is what they actually mean when they say “soft”.

Soft doesn’t mean a doormat
Ask any man and he will say that he wants a soft woman. But women read this as men wanting an elevated servant. In fact all that men want is for their woman to able to handle them and their lives and show them their place when they are wrong…but just do it in a charming manner.

She is caring and loving
When a man says that he wants a soft woman then he wants a woman who is caring and loving. He wants a woman who can see and sense his needs and be there to give him the love when he needs it the most. It is the warmth that is associated with this care that the men crave.

She is self respecting
By no means does a soft woman means that she is subservient to a man. He wants his soft woman to be confident and independent but wants to feel like he has some importance in her life. He just wants her to allow him to be chivalrous occasionally.

She understands him well
A soft woman is one who is able to understand a man well. This is because she generally has the time and the interest to listen to what he is saying. She is able to translate his secret wishes and coded messages into something tangible and make him feel good when he is with her.

She knows how to prioritize needs
A soft woman is not a dumb woman. She is smart enough to know what a man wants and how to prioritize his needs and demands and manage her life and interests comfortably without stirring egos, either hers or her man’s.

She takes the time and effort to reach out to people he cares for
A soft woman knows that the way to keeping a man happy is by keeping the people he cares for happy. She is able to reach out to these people easily and also efficiently is able to make them like her and feel good. That takes a huge load off a man’s head as now he doesn’t need to balance two lives.

She is feminine
Finally a man likes a soft woman for her femininity. It is a soft spoken woman’s resilience, silent strength and mysterious charm that draws him to her and keeps him hooked on to her.

Source by Krista Hiles

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