Dugi’s WoW WotLK Guides – An Overview

Leveling guides suck, but we gotta have them. We wish we knew all the information for ourselves, but we don’t. You have probably heard a little bit about Dugi’s Warcraft Guides, so I’m going to give you a quick overview of what they are and what they offer. A review of them will be offered afterward.

What you have to understand about dugi’s guides is that they aren’t just a leveling guide, or just a gold guide like other famous guides out there. Dugi guides come with many types of guides: gold, leveling, pvp, talent and gear, class, profession, daily quest guides and more.

Dugi’s horde and alliance Leveling guide: You get this in the package which includes an in game leveling guide system. What that is is pretty much an arrow pointing you where to go for the quickest leveling path. It also features class quests, no grinding, fully automatic system, and a downloadable option for you to print out if you please. It also has all the correct starting zones for you start leveling as fast as possible.

Dugi’s Talent and Gear Guide: This is a bonus that comes in the package, includes a level 10-80 talent build for every class, a 5 man instance guide for burning crusade and wotlk, and an Interactive Web site for Instant Tool Tip & Gear Selection.

Dugi’s Gold Guide: This is also included, you get detailed maps and guides on the best places to farm monsters or farm for your profession. Fastest and cheapest way to level your profession, and tricks on how to profit from the auction house with a video describing exactly how to do it so you can see for your self.

Dugi’s Profession Guides: The cheapest and fastest way to level up your professions from 1-450.

Dugi’s PvP Strategies Guide: 81 Detailed Match up strategies, pvp macro guide, what PvP mods to use.

An finally a Daily Quests Guide. That’s 6 different guides…What you have to remember too, is that these are all updated constantly bringing you the latest information with each release or patch. Dugi’s guides are the most well rounded guides which will improve every aspect of your game.

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