Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park: For Some Fun in the Sun!

Looking forward to spending an incredible time with your kids? Dutch Wonderland – the family amusement park located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is where you should definitely go. Its tagline “Kingdom for Kids” fits to a T for the theme park!

The amusement park is for families, with kids who’re 10 years or younger. Some say, it’s strictly for kids but we argue – it’s for the kids in heart!

The park is located 4 miles east of Lancaster, PA, on Lincoln Highway East.

Things that draw to Dutch Wonderland

The amusement park has over 30 rides along with Duke’s Lagoon – a summer water park designed especially for the kids. Nearby, there’s a segmented area for adults. Here, they can relax, enjoy different activities and keep an eye on their kids. Kids and adults both would love the family-sized cabanas, here at the lagoon!

As of 2014, the park has over 15 huge robo-dinosaurs, a fossil dig site, canal cruise and turnpike cars in the Exploration Island alone. The aptly named island at the back of the park, developed with a prehistoric concept and feel, adds more to kids’ imaginations and wonderment.

No wonder, one of the most popular magazines in the country – Today magazine, has voted Dutch Wonderland – one of the Top 5 Best Kid’s Parks in the World! A great feat that only motivates the park to provide even more special and unique quality services to its visitors.

The park has taken every tiny detail in consideration and come up with fun rides that are perfect for the little angels. The park also features rest spots and eateries for visitors to relax, after a tiresome ride or a walk around the park.

The staffs here are friendly and provide great assistance to the parents with their kids. It’s a known fact everywhere in the world – you need a great level of patience and tolerance to handle the kids.

Who would not remember the family outing of Jon and Kate with their kids to Dutch Wonderland on the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 aired on the TLC in an episode named “Gosselins Go Dutch”.

One of the events on the list that the park does best is hosting birthday bash for the little wonders. Parents who want their kids to have an epic birthday party can have it in the park. Even the adults can join! The amazing staffs here will take care of the event, from beginning to the end.

Despite the fun loving image of the amusement park, it is quite strict. The park has uncompromising rules and policies on Safety First for everyone. So, parents can be rest assured that their family is in good hands. Some of the park rules, though, can get on the nerves of the visitors e.g. The park does not allow any kind of pet inside the park, be it – dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, lizards, snakes, pigs, hamsters, turtles, birds, tarantulas, mice, monkeys, ferrets, ponies and so on. But, it does consider people with physical disabilities and allow them to bring along certified service dogs.

Let’s talk about the rides in Dutch Wonderland

Here is a list of fun and sweet attractions, as well as rides for kids and the kids in heart. When you visit the park, it’s for sure that you and the kids will have a tough time deciding which one to try first!

As for what these rides are all about, you’ll see for yourself when you reach there! Plus, being pleasantly surprised at these attractions is one of the joyful things you should definitely look forward to.

Just for the little ones to have a wonderful time:

· Choo Choo Charlie

· Duke’s Dozers

· Off-Road Rally

· Panda Party

· Silo Slide

· Wiggle Racers

· Wonder Whip

· Frog Hopper

· Leapin’ Frogs

· Sky Fighter

Rides for the whole family:

· Astroliner

· Monorail

· Dragon’s Lair

· Gondola Cruise

· River Boat

· Merry-Go-Around

· The Twister

· The Tug Boat

· Sunoco Turnpike

· Turtle Whirl

· VR Voyager

· Wonder House

· Wonderland Special

· Bumper Cars

· Kite Flight

· Sky Ride

· Fun Slide

· Flying Trapeze

· Kingdom Coaster

· Space Shuttle

· Joust Family Coaster

Besides the rides, don’t forget that the park has some outstanding shows and events, along with Duke’s Lagoon – A fun water park for kids to enjoy in summer!

Hungry for more?

It’s a fact that going around these rides and attractions around the park will make anyone pretty hungry. So, if you are wondering, where one can grab a delicious bite in the area, here are few restaurants and food stalls in and around the park-


· Melin’s Restaurant

· Millstream Eatery

· Potato Patch

· Subway

· Noble Roman’s Pizza

· Nathan’s Famous

· Sharky’s Grill

Sweet, Treats and Snacks:

· Breyer’s Ice Cream Parlor and Coffee Shoppe

· Breyer’s Ice Cream Shoppe

· Breyer’s Ice Cream Parlor

· Funnel Cake Factory

· Dole Whip Junction

· The Slush Shack

· Dippin Dots

· Uncle Andy’s

· Rita’s Italian Ice

For planning a trip to Dutch Wonderland, get the passes that suit your need best!

The season passes offered by the park are –

· 2015 Premium Season Pass at $104.99 each

· 2015 Gold Hershey park Combo Pass at $210.00 each

· 2015 Basic Summer Pass (Ages 3+) at $84.99 each

· 2015 Royalty Single Day Visit (Ages 3 – 50) at $39.99 each at the park gate only.

All these passes come with different discounts in different combinations –

· Sister Park Discounts

· Unlimited 2015 Summer Season Visits

· Unlimited 2015 Happy Hauntings Visits

· Unlimited 2015 Dutch Winter Wonderland Visits

· Unlimited 2015 Hershey park Visits

· Being a Friend Discounts

· Free Parking

· Souvenir Cup with $.99 Refills

· 15% Food Discount

· 15 % Merchandise Discount

· 20% Camping Discount (Old Mill Stream Campground)

The park is closed on the following days:

· Thanksgiving Day – November 26,

· Christmas Eve – December 24,

· Christmas Day – December 25,

· New Year’s Eve – December 31

· New Year’s Day – January 1

Dutch Wonderland – A little bit of fact & a little bit of history

Dutch Wonderland covers around 48 acres (18 ha) filled with amusing rides and activities for the kids. The park is small enough for them to walk around without getting tired and huge enough that they don’t easily get bored. This winter wonderland, as many choose to call it, is in the region of Amish & PA Dutch Countryside.

It was opened on 20th May in 1963 for families to spend some quality and fun time together. One of the highlights of the park is the entrance stone. It is a castle which seems identical to one described in the fairy tales. It was established by Earl Clark before the park was opened.

The park is kids-centric, though, it takes care of the adults too. It offers equally engaging activities to do and things to see in and around the park. Everyone’s welcome, be it- parents, grandparents, distant relatives, family friends; anyone who tags along. The needs and wants from young to old and everyone in-between is thoughtfully cared about. Everything is managed accordingly by the hardworking and dedicated staff of the Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park.

A lot of companies have been in-charge of its operation. The Clark family was in complete control when it was first opened. It was then sold to Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. For a long time, it was operated as a joint- venture with Wonderland Mini-Golf and Old Mill Stream Campground, along with Gift Shop at Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Finally, Palace Entertainment took control over the park on 12th November in 2010. They have followed the original concept introduced by the Clark Family, and have brought minor reforms to improve the overall experience.


Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park

2249 Lincoln Highway East

Lancaster, PA 17602


Primary – (717) 291-1888

Toll Free – (866) 386-2839

A few of the great places to stay at while visiting Dutch Wonderland:

· Double Tree Resort by Hilton Lancaster

· Heritage Hotel Lancaster

· Best Western Premier Eden Resort & Suites

· Fulton Steamboat Inn

Besides the amusement park itself that takes days to fully explore, there are also other options nearby that parents and other family members can consider visiting.

Here are 10 attractions for you to explore:

1. Tanger Outlets Lancaster

311 Stanley K Tanger Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17602-1467

This one is definitely for the shopaholics. You will find anything and everything here. A perfect shopping spot. Go with the motto Shop till you drop!

2. Mennonite Information Center

2209 Millstream Road, Lancaster, PA 17602

Get to know a bit of history of the Amish and Mennonites, from their origins in Europe to their present status in the USA. The friendly staffs are always ready to share their knowledge and provide you with an amazing service.

3. American Music Theatre

2425 Lincoln Hwy, East P.O. Box 10757, Lancaster, PA 17605

This one is for the music & theatre lovers, with great performances to watch, especially on Christmas. With the very talented actors and well-choreographed acts for each show, American Music Theatre does not disappoint.

4. The United States Hot Air Balloon Team

2737 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17505

The United States Hot Air Balloon Team is an awesome option for fun. A hot air balloon ride, high up in the sky! Watch the incredible landscape of Lancaster, PA; notice its farm lands pass below when you move.

5. Sight and Sound Theatres

300 Hartman Bridge Road, Strasburg, PA 17579-0310

An amazing showcase of Moses with what some consider even better than the Broadway. This one has not only lights, music and live performances but beautiful story to tell. They are said to mesmerize the audiences and have them engulfed in the show.

6. Caribbean Indoor Water Park

2100 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA 17602

Super friendly staffs and great service! It has four different pools and fun water rides for kids that operate during winter too! You don’t have to worry about rain or cold, as it’s nice, warm and toasty inside.

7. Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

300 Gap Road PA Route 741, Strasburg, PA 17579

If you are interested in beautifully restored and preserved antique trains, Railroad Museum is the place you shouldn’t miss. Visitors also get to have an insight into the history of these structures.

People visiting Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania are sure to have a great time seeing these large trains. Being around them will surely turn anyone into a kid!

8. Fulton Theatre

12 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

Built in 1852, Fulton Theatre is a gem of Victorian architecture and a National Historic Landmark. Till this day, they continue to entertain their audience with great musicals, comedies and dramas.

9. Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction

2209 Millstream Road Mennonite Information Center, Lancaster, PA

Take a step back in history with an interesting replica of the original Tabernacle, describing what it is for and its importance. Stroll around and take-in all the interesting things you can learn and see from it. This one is for the geeks in us.

10. Bird in Hand Farmers Market

2710 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand, PA 17505

Bird in Hand Farmers Market is definitely a paradise for food lovers and people who love to cook meals for others. One can find many local delicacies along with some of the mouth-watering delicious foods – jams and jellies, homemade soft pretzels, fresh apple cider, pies and cookies, fudge and chocolates, and many more.


Well, all these information can only let you have a small idea of what the family amusement park has to offer. So, how about knowing for sure what this theme park is all about? Here’s what some of the families have to say about their experience in the park.

Fun for the whole family

Season pass holder for 3 years

Our first time and it was GREAT

Great fun for kids

If you think this one is just for the kids and families, then you are sorely mistaken. Anyone who is a kid in heart and/or is a part of a group who simply want to revisit those carefree days of childhood can visit this park. You will find that joyful laughter once again forgetting the woes of the present. So, simply enjoy a day out in the sun, at the Dutch Wonderland!

If you have more stories about your time in this wonderful place, then please do share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

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