Effective Tips to Planning a Kids Karaoke Party

Start by choosing your invitations. The invitations you choose should relate to the theme of the party. You can have some fun invitations printed to incorporate the music theme, such as a card that looks like a back stage pass or a flyer inviting guests to a big concert where they are one of the shining stars. Have fun with the invites an ensure it clearly helps parents know what type of party is being held and if there is any particular dress code, such as dressing as a music superstar.

Ensure you shop around for essential equipment such as a karaoke machine, a fun play list of songs relating to the age group and possible bubble or smoke machines to add that dramatic effect. You may want to try and get a small stage and curtains, so that it looks like each guest is taking part in a real concert. You can have a disco ball in front of the stage, encouraging the other children to dance while songs are playing.

Hiring the equipment can be daunting if you don’t know what you are looking for which is why it may be worthwhile looking for an event planning specialist company that caters to kids karaoke parties. They will provide you with all the equipment you need and manage the equipment during the party, so you know it will work effectively to reduce disappointment on the day.

Decorations are essential. You want that music theme to showcase throughout the space, whether you are hosting the party in your own living room or you have hired a venue for the afternoon. From your table coverings to plates and cups to the decorations you use throughout the space, such as balloons, blow up balls and more.

Adding a variety of costumes for the children to dress up in when they take centre stage is always fun. From glittery hats to bold waist coats and different coloured jackets and dresses can add such a fun element to the experience. You will also want to consider other basic tools such as a microphone stand and guitars, things the children can use to make their performance more realistic when taking to the stage.

You can even have fun with the food. Set out a buffet, fun foods the children will love but add the music theme when it comes to the cake You can have a great music cake made which will delight the children and enhance the theme of the kids karaoke party.

Games should also be music orientated wherever possible. You cannot expect the children to want to sing for hours and hours on end. This is where the event planning specialist can come in as they may have some fun games which can be included into the day, along with different challenges and prizes to make the party one all the children will remember for years to come.

Always remember to have some favours for the children, something they can enjoy at the party and then take home with them. This can be anything from cheap sunglasses to glow bracelets and necklaces.

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