Famous WordPress Widgets

There are numbers of content management systems present currently, but the most famous and highly used one is WordPress. There are number of people who use WordPress as their content management system. The reason for this is large directory of widgets it offers. In this article I am going to talk about some famous WordPress widgets.

Though there are large numbers of widgets for WordPress but there are some which cannot be replaced and can be found on almost all the website. Here are some of these:

Recent Comments: I do not think this widget needs any introduction. Recent comments widget is present in all the websites. It displays the recent comments posted by users and encourages visitors to post comment.

Follow Me: Twitter has gained popularity in very less time and same is the case with this widget. This widget allows you to ask your visitors to follow you on twitter. This widget is very useful as it increases your twitter followers and helps in promotion of your website.

Related Posts: Motivate your visitors with related posts widget. It shows related posts and encourages your visitors to visit few more pages on the website.

Sexy Bookmarks: Ask your visitors to promote your website with sexy bookmarks widget. It has very cool look and ask your visitors to bookmark your articles on social bookmarking websites.

Widgets are very important for website. They help in design as well as promotion of website.

These famous WordPress widgets will help you to grow your online business.

Source by Munish Chopra

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