Five Fascinating Registered Nurse Jobs

Although the idea of becoming a medical professional may be exciting, many people do not find the grueling hours spent in a hospital to be especially enticing. A nursing career is most often associated with medical facilities, but that’s not where most of these specialists work. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports that less than 60 percent of registered nurse jobs are within hospitals. A career in this field can open many unique and fascinating positions up to intelligent and helpful men and women.

In The Navy

For medical enthusiasts who have a penchant for military life, working as a Navy nurse may be ideal. The Navy employs more than 12,000 healthcare personnel. Medical professionals who work in the Navy have access to cutting-edge technology, and in many cases, their training is paid for by the military. Those who enjoy traveling will fit right in as Navy personnel, since they will regularly be stationed in different areas of the world.

Forensic Crime Fighters

Medical professionals who are motivated to fight crime can find registered nurse jobs on forensic teams. Forensic medical agents are the first line of defense for sexual assault victims and other special victims.

These scientifically inclined crime fighters collect medical evidence from victims, test for sexually transmitted diseases, and compile information for building a case against those charged with crimes. Not only is this line of work rewarding, but it also has far more variety in day-to-day activities than hospital work.

Saving Lives By Car Or Plane

Aspiring nurses who love to move fast while saving lives can become part of a critical transport team. These small-yet-savvy teams are utilized when critically ill patients need to be transported between medical facilities.

Most critical care transportation is done via ambulance, but some teams are specially trained to work aboard helicopters. Flight nurses must be highly skilled and quick to act, because they are a third of the critical transport team; the other two members are the pilot and paramedic.

In Prison

Prison inmates need medical attention as much as any other person does. All United States correctional facilities are required to provide medical aid and monitoring to each prisoner from their booking to the day of their release. Registered nursing jobs are available in abundance in facilities where inmate overcrowding is prevalent.

Nurses wear many hats in correctional facilities. They are the professionals who administer physical exams during intake, and they are the ones who monitor each prisoner throughout their sentence. All health issues are handled primarily by nursing staff, except for serious illnesses that warrant a visit from the prison doctor.

Editors In Chief

Nurses with sufficient field experience can hope to take a break from the front line if they enjoy editing medical journals. Nursing journals make up a sub niche in the medical literature, and these publications must be headed by none other than accomplished RN’s.

The editors of such publications are tasked with deciding which articles are published and how each issue is laid out. They are also in charge of ensuring that the information in each article is accurate and up-to-date. Overseeing such details requires that each editor keep up with periodic retraining commitments.

There is currently an abundance of fascinating registered nurse jobs. They fill vital roles performing fulfilling work in a number of exciting industries.

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