Five Important Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case Design Factors

What are the key factors that must be considered when designing an outstanding Samsung Galaxy S5 leather case? A lot of case manufacturers around the world are asking this question, as they scramble to have a case ready before the S5 is available on the shelves, which will be April 11, 2014.

There are many cases that will be available for the Galaxy S5 when it is available for purchase. The cases that will be most successful are those that have a focus on what customer need and how users use their Galaxy S5. Based on almost 20 years of mobile phone and accessory sales, there are five important factors manufacturers must take note of when designing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The five factors to consider in designing the best Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case are:

  1. Protection
  2. Allows access to all device functions
  3. Style
  4. Weight and feel
  5. Card Holder

The first factor to consider when designing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is protection. A quality leather case will protect the device on all sides of the device, particular the highly fragile glass screen.

The next factor concerns being able to use all the functions of the device while it is sitting in the leather case – functions such as camera, buttons and access to the audio port.

Style is another important factor when creating world-class cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Some customers will want to differentiate themselves from others, so having a case with a distinct luxury design will help to attract them.

The Samsung S5 is one of the lightest on the market for its size, weighing a mere 145 grams. With this fact in mind, the case should not add too much weight and be made from light quality leather. Using cow or kangaroo leather is highly recommended.

Consumers these days want to do more on the road but carry less. This relates perfectly to our last key factor to consider when making a leather case for the S5 which involves incorporating a credit card or ID card holder inside the case. Rather than carry both a wallet and a smartphone case, users can both in the one form factor. The less you carry the less you lose.

With all the above factors combined, the result is a superb Samsung Galaxy S5 leather case that customers will love and will want to show off to their family and friends.

Source by Arnold Aranez

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