Flea Market Vendors: How To Start Selling At Flea Markets

Flea market vendors have been seeing increasing sales as more and more customers shop at flea markets.

In the past, flea markets were seen as places to buy used goods, or places to simply spend a free day at.

But now flea markets are seen by many shoppers as sources for their consumer products, at substantial savings off their regular prices.

You can take profit from this consumer trend by setting up as a flea market vendor.

To become a flea market vendor you will first need to have a resellers tax ID number. You should speak to an attorney or accountant to see what you need to get started.

Most flea markets will guide you in this process, since it is in their interest that you start renting a booth at their flea market.

Once you have the proper licenses, you will want to decide on what type of merchandise to sell.

Flea markets can also be of help in this regard. You can ask the management of the flea market what products they feel will sell well.

They should tell you what products are not being sold, or what products can be sold more of.

You can also focus on the basic products that all flea market shoppers need, like T-Shirts, socks, underwear, towels, toothpaste, soap, etc.

As long as your prices are cheap compared to local stores, and to those of other flea market vendors, you should be able to sell those items.

Most flea market vendors stumble when they try to sell either novelty items, or unique esoteric products.

Stay to the basics and your flea market business should prosper.

You should obtain a list of wholesalers who carry the items you want to sell. Narrow down the list to wholesalers who specifically cater towards flea market vendors.

These wholesalers will have experience in what products will sell well at the flea market.

You can use search engines such as http://www.wholesalecentral.com and [http://www.wholesalequest.com] to compile a list of wholesalers.

Stay away from membership sites, since most wholesalers are listed openly online.

Your next step is to jump in. Over analysis will only discourage you from selling at the flea market. Instead of focusing on how much you can make, you need to focus on selling and building up your flea market business.

Make sure you start your first day at the flea market with a full assortment of merchandise. This will make a great impression on customers, and will help you sell a good amount of products.

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