Forex STF Review – One of the Best Forex Robots?

Is the Forex STF really one of the best Forex robots today like it is advertised, or is it just another typical trading software that has been overhyped? This main robot is priced at $149, which is already slightly more expensive than the average Forex trading software, and it made me wonder if this Expert Advisor is really worth that money.

This robot is apparently the first one that can, within a few seconds, adapt to changing market trends and conditions using its genetic algorithm technology. It is fully capable of handling ECN agents as well as 4 and 5 digits agents.

1. What Training Materials Can Subscribers of Forex STF Get In the Download Area?

If you have purchased Forex Expert Advisor Software before, you would already know that the typical vendor simply lets you download their program and leaves you to figure out and solve any problems that you encounter. With Forex STF, the members’ area alos includes live chat and email support respond to customers’ queries 24/7.

I found this feature to be quite unique and the vendors have really made sure that they can get all their clients to set up their EAs in the right way. The main robot is downloadable along with video training tutorials and step by step training manuals.

2. The Development Process of Forex STF Trading Robot

After going through monthly updates prior to its release, it can be seen from its historical trading results that profit results have been improving slightly every month. Of course, past results are not indicative of future performance, so I have still been using this robot with demo and small capital trading accounts and will not be switching until it has proven that it can work well in a live environment.

I do find the unique Genetic Algorithm to be quite useful so far, as I have witnessed the robot getting out of trades and changing direction when other similar robots were not able to do so.

Source by William Barnes

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