Fridge Magnets – Is It True That They Cause Cancer?

Today I would like to share a personal experience. Last week, while my mother was cooking, my aunt started talking about fridge magnets. She said that they cause cancer. She read that in the internet. Seemed to me a bit weird so I decided to inform myself. I found this article:

Decorative Magnets on Refrigerators – DANGER!

A number of researchers at Princeton’s University have discovered something scary!.

For several months, they were feeding two groups of mice: the first group with food kept in a refrigerator, and the second group with food kept in a refrigerator as well but with several decorative magnets on the door.

The objective of this experiment was to see how electromagnetic radiation (that coming out from the decorative magnets on the door) affect food items. Amazingly, rigorous clinical studies stated that the group of mice that consumed the “radiated” food had as much as 87 % higher probability to get cancer than the other group of mice.

Inexplicably no Governments or health associations/institutions have given any statement on this regard. However and just in case, is recommendable to remove any decorative magnet from refrigerators, and put it far away from any food.

Kindly pass this information to your contacts.”

In order to refute this theory, I found the following information:

Static magnetic fields, such as fridge magnets, do not act on the molecules.

When the magnet is stuck to the metal, almost all lines of force pass through the magnetic material of the door. Then, can hardly affect materials that are inside the refrigerator. The door itself acts as a shield.

The magnets attached to an appliance in any way can affect the consumption of this appliance. Besides the electromagnetic field of the refrigerator engine is also confined in a metal casing which acts as magnetic shielding.

Even in the more suspicious case of the microwaves, the electromagnetic field, which here it acts on the food, can not affect its chemical composition. It is an alternating electromagnetic field, whose frequency can vibrate molecules (producing heat). But that frequency IS NOT the one that can move the atoms within molecules, and therefore can not change its chemical composition making them carcinogenic.

I always read this sort of articles all over the web, and as this time, I always try to make my own research to find the veracity of the information. So, my friends, this time you are safe. You can still see your favorite magnet any time you open your fridge.

Source by Pablo Zadi Diaz

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