Fun Children’s Projects With Old Newspapers and Magazines

If you are looking for a great rainy day activity for your kids, you can stop looking once you find some old magazines and newspapers. Although most people simply toss them away or carry them to the recycling center, newspapers and magazines can actually be employed to make a selection of interesting projects. Here are some great suggestions that will help you get started on some paper projects. Naturally, when you have started making your crafts you will likely be inspired with some of your own ideas.

Activities Using Paper Mache

There are a number of different ways you can make paper mache from old newspaper. Even if kids are little they can use the paper strip method quite effectively. Start by producing a paper mache paste out of flour and water. Simply use a combination of two parts water and also one part flour, and two to three tablespoons of salt, until your mixture has a consistency like pudding. Cover a table with a drop cloth or vinyl table cloth, and offer your child an old shirt or an apron to wear. Then, tear old newspapers into thin long strips. Give your kid a collection of old cereal boxes, cardboard toilet tissue or paper towel tubes, or just about any other small cardboard containers. Tell your child to dip the strips of paper into the paste, eliminate the extra paste using their fingers, and place it on their project. Depending on their mood, they could make animals, space ships, houses or almost anything else. Put it on a sheet of wax paper and give time to dry. When their craft has dried your child can paint their project with craft paint. Take a few photos of your child’s creations and exhibit in picture frames.

Paper Cheerleading Pom-Poms

If your child enjoys pretending she is a cheerleader, create for her some inexpensive pom-poms. Just lay several pieces of newspaper across a flat surface. Then, use a good sharp pair of scissors to cut the newspaper into strips about a half inch wide, and keep the strips connected along one of the edges. Cut a sufficient amount of strips to make two full pom-pom shapes. Then, roll these newspapers up, making a handle out of the uncut side. Make the structure of the handles by winding masking tape all around the handles. If you’d like, you may even attach some string loops to the handles. Make sure to take numerous photos of your little cheerleader in motion, since when displayed in picture frames these photos are sure to be invaluable.

Hand Constructed Paper

Your children can not only have a good time making homemade paper, but also learn from it. You will have to make sure you help with this craft because you will have to use a blender. To make the paper slurry, you will need to have a collection of used paper, like newspaper, clean toilet or face tissues, or some colored construction paper. You may also add some sturdiness and strength to your paper by adding some clean dryer lint. Put the paper in the blender after tearing it in manageable pieces. Pour in some water and let the mixture soak for around fifteen minutes. Then, use the blender to form a slurry mixture. Place a piece of cheap window screen material over a bowl, holding it with a rubber band. After that, pour out the paper mixture over the screen-covered container, giving the water enough time to drain into the container. Allow the paper to dry out and then slice it into the size and shape that you desire. You can use this paper for wrapping, crafts, or to make some nice pretty photo mats to use in picture frames.

If you’ve got some extra newspapers lying around, use them right away with all these simple crafts and your kids are sure to enjoy a great time.

Source by Autumn Lockwood

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