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Gas Plant Operator for an Oil and Gas Company in UAE

• Distribute or process gas for utility companies or industrial plants, using panel boards, control boards, and semi-automatic equipment.

• Monitor transportation and storage of flammable and other potentially dangerous products to ensure that safety guidelines are followed

• Control operation of compressors, scrubbers, evaporators, and refrigeration equipment to liquefy, compress, or regasify natural gas

• Control equipment to regulate flow and pressure of gas to feedlines of boilers, furnaces, and related steam-generating or heating equipment.


• SALARY: depending on experience and qualifications

• HIRING COMPANY: Oil and Gas Company


• AVAILABILITY: Can join immediately (max 1-month)

• EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Temporary (3-6 months contract)


• Open to ANY nationality

• Male, below 45 years old


• Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering

• Minimum 10 years of working experience in the Oil and Gas industry

• Well exposed in handling MTC (Mast Type Cranes)

• With experience in Gas Treatment, NGL Recovery, Sulfur and Condensate Stabilization, Plant Utilities and Power Generation, Gas Reinjection, and Work Permits Systems

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