Getting Organized When Working From Home

Getting organized is top priority when working from home. If you’re a mother to children below school-going age then you may have more to juggle. Planning the day ahead would be the best way to avoid any time being wasted doing non-profitable activities. So what is the best plan? First of all you should list down all the chores and work you want to achieve in a day. Do this first thing in the morning or better yet, the night before! Find a daily/hourly diary and slot in the relevant chores, work or assignments accordingly. Set aside sufficient hours on all tasks and stick to the schedule. Step two, tick of items from your list as you go about it throughout the day. At the end of the day, after successfully accomplishing everything on your daily planner list, reward yourself – watch tv, take a foam bath, read your fave novel, indulge in a sweet treat or whatever that makes you feel good.

So that was just the basics. However, if you’re like me and have kids, then the time you may want to make full use of is when the kids/baby are/is napping during the day and after they’ve gone to sleep at night. Make sure you get all the vital things done during those hours (eg. blogging, replying e-mails, researching, doing reports, calling clients etc..).

Another tip is to involve your children in doing household chores. This is for those who do not employ domestic help. Children (especially the young ones) love doing what adults do and would readily join in any clean up activities you invite them to. When tidying up your home, don’t waste time and energy in getting everything perfect. Reduce extra thorough spring cleaning to once a month and involve your spouse and all children.

So there you have it! This self-written article also acts as a reminder to myself. Afterall, nobody’s perfect! And we all need to be reminded once in a while!

Source by Azrina Aznan

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