Golden Fried Rice With Salmon and Furikake Recipe

This recipe is worth trying, and I agree with the other reviews that proclaim the furikake is a must! It will be bland without that. My local H Mart has like 8 different kinds of furikake, but I recommend the Aji Nori Furikake as it has a really nice toasted sesame and seaweed flavor. There are better fried rice recipes out there, but this was still good.


I suspect the people who thought this recipe yields “bland” results, didn’t use the furikake. Use the furikake! I can’t find many Asian ingredients at my local midwestern markets, but there is always the internet. I was able to source furikake from Japanese Taste and it arrived in about ten days from Japan.
This dish is delicious! If you are hoping to be knocked out of your chair by bold flavors and/or heat, you might want to move along. The flavors here are layered and complex, but ultimately this is comfort food at its best. Follow the recipe exactly as it is written, especially if you, like me, are not fluent in Asian cookery, season as you go (as written), and you will have a lovely meal.

marymillerCleveland, OH09/12/20

I was apprehensive about this recipe although it looks amazing in the photo, worried it would taste like a rice omelet. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, not tasting “eggy” at all. I even omitted the salmon and the furikake yet still found it appealing. Not sure why others expressed disdain but, admittedly, it is arguably less assertive than your typical “fried rice”. I however liked that about it, because I wanted it to complement the meal components not compete with them. I can only suggest, follow the recipe steps attentively, season/salt well at each stage and fry the ginger, onions and garlic well where/as directed. For me, this recipe is a keeper!

Phoenix AZ09/11/20

Worse Bon Appétit recipe ever. I’ve been subscribing and cooking from BA for 25 years and have been happy with almost all the recipes. Can’t believe this made the cover. Absolutely no taste. I added fresh English peas which helped a bit and the salmon was excellent. The recipe needs flavor try adding sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, butter, and/or Sriracha? Also made the Chicken and Rice with Leeks and Salsa Verde in the same Sept issue. Also pretty bland and the chicken doesn’t brown as shown in the pictures. Very disappointing. What’s happening BA?

AnonymousBerkeley CA09/11/20

I am absolutely excited for the education in multicultual cuisine I have gained since subscribing at start of the pandemic! But I was reluctant to commit a spendy item like salmon to a new recipe, and furikake was unknown to me – looking at the appealing photo I actually thought it was a creamy white scandinavian cheese. Even so, tonight, first time in 7 months cooking for only myself, I tried this without salmon or furikake but with a tin of smoked trout and a few cherry tomatoes on top (skipped the sugar, also). Wow! Will be inclined to make it this way again. Probably with a bit more ginger and scallion, maybe some frozen peas or snowpeas or asparagus in season. Richness and delicate flavor is reminiscent of risotto, but way easier, faster, and more satisfying.


Simply YUMMY. We loved it and I plan on trying it with chicken maybe… It;’s a win win.

AnonymousLos Angeles09/10/20

I don’t usually write reviews, but after reading some of these I just need to step up. This was delicious. Different. Delightful. Not your”typical” fried rice. I too wondered how I would like fried rice without Soy Sauce (and Oyster Sauce) but thankfully, I resisted putting it on the table as I enjoyed every bite. The salmon was lighly crisp and the addition of fried bits of fresh ginger was brilliant. The Furikaki pulled it all together. For goodness sakes, prep everything ahead and follow the recipe exactly the first time.


I really liked the light touch with the flavors. Letting the salmon and furikake speak as the main tastes.

AnonymousSan Francisco, CA09/01/20

I made the Golden Salmon Fried Rice Sunday and it was delicious!

lywilcot0365Dallas, TX 09/01/20

So, so, bland it was sad. We bought some great fish, but after the meal was made every bite tasted like a ball of buttered mush. So disappointed – I was so excited for this meal! but it has absolutely no flavor.

AnonymousChicago, IL09/01/20

I’m legitimately shocked by the good reviews on this recipe. I kept thinking to myself how odd it was that there was no sauce. Should’ve trusted my gut. This was SO BLAND. Like beyond bland. Salt, ginger, garlic and scallions aren’t close to enough with this amount of rice. I sort of salvaged it with soy sauce, sriracha and sesame oil. Disappointed because it looked great, but classic fried rice is so much better.


Would recommend doubling the amount of salmon .

AnonymousWashington 08/29/20

I made this without the salmon as a dinner side and it was amazing. Also over here rolling in the aisles about a person leaving a negative review for a rice dish by saying it’s “full of rice”, absolutely incredible.

AnonymousChicago, IL08/28/20

This fried rice was great and really flavorful if you make sure to season at every step! I did add a little bit of soy sauce at the end with the furikake and I think I would recommend doing that. The portioning is also super easy to follow, so I just cut down an egg since I had closer to 3 cups of rice. I also swapped the salmon for shrimp, and I’m sure any other protein would work really well in this recipe. Reheated beautifully the next day


This is a really fantastic recipe! I added a few tweeks…
I cut the rice in half to 2 cups (which was plenty was plenty) and the egg yolks turned out beautiful with less rice.
I used skin-on sockeye salmon and cut it into 4 oz peices. I sprinkled the sugar on one side so that the filets got super crispy and carmelized on the skin side. Once I took it out of the pan I used a fork to flake the salmon.
I added fresh spinach and cilantro at the end when I was recombining all of the ingredients because I wanted a bit more greens.
Lastly, I used white pepper to give this a nice touch of heat.

mary_chasPacifica, CA08/27/20

I enjoyed this! It’s better for two people unless you have more to your meal. I wish the salmon had a little bit extra seasoning so next time I may add a little glaze to it, but it was a perfect lunch! I added a little soy sauce to my bowl because my mind can’t accept fried rice without it.


This really needs a video. I was always taught to use day old fully cooked rice and it kept the kernels separate. Would love to try this if it had a clearer step-by-step

Leonard LukinKinderhook, NY08/24/20

This was very good! It was a pleasant surprise! I was skeptical about frying the rice coated with egg, but it turned out with nice buttery coating on the rice. I did somethings slightly different where I fried the ginger, garlic and onions until fragrant before adding the rice. As long as you season in every step, use fresh ingredients and use furikake it turns out flavorful. Lovely dish! It’s a keeper in my family’s dinner rotation now!


This might be the worst recipe I’ve made from bon appetit. I’m sorry, but who has ONE cup of rice as a serving? This recipe was bland and full of rice.

Victoria RosselliChicago, IL08/19/20

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