Gossip Girl Dorota Best Moments

“I de-friend Mr. Chuck on Facebook and in life.”

As entertaining as Gossip Girl is, let’s be honest: Every character on that show would be pretty freakin’ insufferable in real life.

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I would LOVE to be able to just run away to Europe every time I made a mistake.

Luckily for us, someone was around to keep these kids in check: Ms. Dorota Kishlovsky.

Here are 14 times Dorota was the only Gossip Girl character with any damn sense:


When she casually dragged Blair for not being sure who the father of her baby was:


When she knocked Chuck’s ego down a few pegs:


When she made it perfectly clear where she and Chuck stood:

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I know she was technically trying to help them get back together here, but this line is still iconic.


When she literally gave Blair a wake-up call:


When she reminded Blair to leave room for the Holy Spirit:


When she had some helpful relationship advice:


When she was just super thrilled to be in the spotlight:


When she put Blair in her PLACE:


When she had these kind, hopeful words to offer:


When she knew exactly what she wanted:


When she basically told Blair to get a life:


When she had some valid concerns over Blair not acting awful for once:


And finally, when she had this reaction to Blair saying she always thought she was Gossip Girl:

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