Guide to Selecting Mother of the Bride Summer Dresses

Summertime is always a top choice when it comes to weddings. Brides create summer themed weddings filled with bright colors and beautiful designs. As the mother of the bride, you want to fit in with the theme, look spectacular and yet don’t take the attention away from your daughter on her special day.

It’s important to try on many summer dresses. Don’t only look at what is fashionable right now, but rather try on a wide selection. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. In some cases you may end up buying an item you never dreamed would suit you perfectly and give you that elegance on your daughter’s very special day.

Take photographs of each dress you try on that you like. This is a great reference for when you get home and try to make a final decision. It’s also a chance to see how other people will see you on the day and how the outfit holds up in photographs. Remember there are going to be a lot of cameras clicking on the day and you want to look spectacular.

Remember to accessorize. A hat, handbag and jewelry will all play an important role in the finished look of the mother of the bride summer dress. Add some color and glamor to your look to provide you with that perfect finish.

Ensure that the mother of the bride summer dress you choose is comfortable. This is so important. Unlike your daughter, you will not get to change during the course of the day or evening, so you need to ensure that you feel comfortable, can dance, eat and have fun in the dress you choose. This includes comfortable shoes, because you will need to spend time on your feet meeting and greeting guests and making your rounds.

While you want to make a statement and look fantastic, it is so important that you remain understated. Remember this is your daughter’s day and the last thing you want to do is overshadow the dress she has chosen.

This is why it’s a good idea to see what she chooses before making your own selection. This enables you to ensure your dress doesn’t outdo hers.

Always choose a reputable bridal store that provides dresses for the entire bridal party. This makes it so much easier when it comes to selection and enables you to see how everyone will look on the day from the bride to the bridesmaid and then your mother of the bride summer dress.

Don’t fall into the trap of only trying on dresses in your size. If you have chosen a good bridal shop they will have fitters and tailors, making the dress fit to your shape and size. This gives you so much more in terms of selection.

So many mothers of the bride fall into the trap of only looking at designs which are fashionable and in their size. Think out of the box, try on a range of dresses and then see if they can be made to fit you.

Bridal shops will measure the dress, make the alterations and have it ready for your special day. The good thing is if you choose a shop that also offers accessories, you are able to purchase the entire ensemble at one store, making it easier and saving yourself time and money.

Finally, try on the dress a few days before the event to ensure that it is still fitting well. If it needs any minor adjustments, have them done as soon as possible so you are ready to show off your daughter on her special day.

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