Have the Proper Mindset When Starting Vertical Jump Training

If you want to increase your vertical leap, you have to start off on the right foot. Before you even begin to do the first exercise related to your jump training program, you must have the proper mindset. First, try to set a goal that is respectable, but also reachable. You don’t want to be saying something like you want to jump higher than Kobe Bryant within two weeks. Make sure your goal is realistic. Second, you must have a step-by-step training plan. It does no good to go out to the gym or practice field and train aimlessly without a solid concrete plan to follow. Third, you must have the discipline to undertake and carry out the plan you have created. Without discipline and focused effort, you will experience no change and no improvement in your performance.

Now that you have established the right mindset, let’s take a look at the actual training plan. Of course, it must be challenging to your current level of athletic fitness, yet it should not stress your body to the point of causing injury. Factor in the time you have to conduct jump training every week, depending on your job or school schedule, and make sure you can be consistent in your jump training routine. If your athletic ability is currently very high, you can expect to get smaller gains than if you are just starting out. For beginners, you’ll most likely see outstanding gains early on, which will taper off as your body reaches its athletic peak.

Realistically speaking, increasing your vertical leap eight to 10 inches is a common goal for most athletes who are just starting out in jump training. Alternatively, you might want to set a more subjective goal, such as being able to spike from the 10 foot line or being able to dunk a basketball. These types of goals are great for your motivation as you come closer and closer to reaching them. Just make sure you don’t compare your own progress to those of your teammates or your peers. Focus on your own training, and make sure you keep your eyes on your own personal goals. Track your small gains religiously, and make sure you write them down using pencil and paper or in a computer. Seeing your actual progress written down over time provides a big motivational boost.

It’s okay to review your jump training plan constantly to tweak it according to your own progress and your changing schedule. Just make sure you keep your overall goal in mind. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is to stay on target, and to keep going toward your goal relentlessly with enthusiasm and determination. Too many people give up if they don’t see huge gains right away. This is a mistake, because it is consistent effort over a significant period of time that will give you that big boost in vertical leap that you’re looking for. Just do it — get rid of all the excuses in your mind, and make sure you stay disciplined and unwavering in your training efforts. If necessary, get a training partner who can keep you from slacking off. It’s not easy to get real lasting change, but it’s always worth it in the end when you finally reach your goal.

Source by Jason Ryan

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