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Job Role:

• To develop the University’s external/ internal research, in line with University strategy.

• Responsible for exploring and setting key strategic objectives relating to long term research &, including review and development of strategic activities to increase research level.

• To disseminate complex information in such a form to ensure the understanding of colleagues, including through workshops, surgery sessions and one-to-one coaching.

• To scrutinize and critique research of major strategic importance to the institution, advising and coaching staff on improvements leading to increased success rates.

• To ensure efficient service delivery for research.

• To conduct risk assessments, where appropriate, in particular or large research.

• To be responsible for post-award research & enterprise support activities, including audit.

• To advise on relevant legal and governance issues relevant to research, including: Intellectual Property Rights, and research ethics.

• To be responsible for undertaking continued professional development ensuring skill levels relating to research best practice are kept up to date.

• To establish contacts with the national & international academic community, including external research networks and funding councils.

• To develop, prepare and deliver training, CPD and briefings to staff on issues relating to external income generation.

• To analyse complex information on research & innovation activity, to manipulate data and interpret it for the Head of Research and innovation, Vice Chancellor, including KPIs, targets, competitor scanning and benchmarking.

• Any other responsibilities that may be asked by Management to do.


18,000 to 22,000
per month inclusive of fixed allowances.

Additional benefits: Accommodation + Medical + Air Tickets


• Analytical thinking and policy conceptualization skills

• Experience of developing and securing research

• Reporting to Vice Chancellor

• Qualification: PhD.

• Min 8 years of experience in the same role in business background

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